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Splish and splash is such a soothing sound.
Ian grabbed the bottle of violet scented shampoo and squeezed some into his hands. Ian began to massage the soap into Elyse’s scalp. Elyse played with the bubbly water, enjoying the swishing noise it made. Ian gently tilted the toddler’s head back and said, “Close your eyes. Soap burns if it gets in your eyes.”

Elyse squeezed her eyes shut and said with confidence, “Otay. I am weady.”

Ian chuckled. “Very good.” He turned on some lukewarm water and washed the soapy water mix out of her hair. Once he was finished, he turned off the water and kissed his daughter’s head. “Alright. All done~”

Her eyes fluttered open, readjusting to the light. She glanced over to Ian and yawned. “I’m tiwered, Baba…”

Ian grabbed a towel and said, “Okay, raise your arms.” Elyse did as she was told and Ian wrapped the cloth around her and scooped the child out of the bathtub. He walked to the bedroom and dressed Elyse in some pajamas and tucked her into bed.

Elyse’s eyelids became heavy as she drifted from conscious mumbling, “Goodnight, Baba…”

Ian smiled and kissed his daughter’s nose, “Have sweet dreams~”
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