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by D.B.
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A song pops into my head suddenly
I'm not a big country music fan in general. I like some Patsy Cline songs and a handful of other songs by random country artists. But a song popped into my head while I was in the shower today-May 1- and I started singing it. It is a country song called "Why Not Me" and I wasn't positive who sang it but in my head it sounded like The Judds. I wondered why I thought of that particular song today and I went over to Youtube to verify who sang it.

It was The Judds, and most interestingly it is one year and a day after Naomi Judd tragically died. I had forgotten the exact day and didn't even remember the month she had died. But when I looked it up I was surprised at the irony of when the song showed up in my head. A lot of times, when someone or something shows up in my head there is a reason or significance-even if I don't know the subject or person well at all. To me, I think it is proof we are all connected whether we know each other or not-especially by music. It is one of the biggest connectors of people there is, and you don't have to have anything in common with other people who like it.

It really is sad the way Naomi Judd died and I wish she could've hung on to live the rest of her life. But music is truly immortal and I want to believe Naomi is an angel of song is sprinkling thoughts of her tunes to people who may not ordinarily think of them. And I like to think I was one of them.
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