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by Lili
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this world is only gonna break your heart.
They sat there in silence, the rest of the world drowned out by the sound of Lucas’ slow heartbeat. As time went on, his soft breaths gradually started to slow down.
Dani looked down at him and met his glossy eyes, that were desperately begging to close. He opened his mouth in an attempt to speak, only to be met with a defeating silence as no words came out.

She gave him a weak smile and a soft nod to let him know that she knew what he was trying to do, and that it was okay, that he could finally rest.
Lucas squeezed Dani’s hand, his grip weak. She squeezed back just as gently, hands shaky. Her lip started trembling when he let go, his hand limp and eyes void of light.
She gently brushed a strand of hair from his forehead, her tears falling freely down her face as she had no energy left to hold them back. Lucas’ beautiful face no longer troubled by the world's pain, but finally at peace in Dani’s arms.

That was the moment, the moment that ruined Danielle’s life, the moment she realised that even the darkness carried a shadow.
She watched as the moon split in half and the stars crumbled, falling like fireworks into the sea, leaving behind a dark canvas in black for her sorrow thoughts to endlessly wander as she watched her world fall apart the day the love of her life left her behind.

Lucas was the light that shone through the cracks of her broken heart, healing them one by one. He set fire to the world around him but never let a single flame touch her. Now she could feel every single flare burning her skin and clawing their way to her heart, ripping it open and breaking it all over again.

As she sat there, grasping her boyfriend’s lifeless body in her arms, she let out the storm that had formed inside her in the form of tears and loud cries, hoping, praying that he'd come back.

But he never did.
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