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Having a family is amazing, but sometimes, it can be too much.
Althia snatched her keys off the shelf. She spun around to face her fuming parents and shouted, “I hate this place! I’m leaving and I won’t be coming back!” Before her father could say anything she slammed the door shut behind her.

Her vehicle started with a jolt. Althia’s frustration showed in her actions when she slammed her truck into gear and sped off.

She drove around aimlessly for hours, blasting her music for all of the world to hear. As the sun began to set, she arrived at an empty parking lot next to the orchard. Althia parked in the back and turned the truck off. The door opened and she hopped out. She entered the endless rows of orange trees, leaving all problems back in the lot.

The trees suddenly ended, showing the hues of reds and purples the glowing orb displayed as it set behind the mountains to leave the world in darkness. She stared at the breathtaking sunset and broke into tears.

She didn’t hate her parents. They were wonderful people who cared deeply for her, and she knew that. But, sometimes, their insistence on her life drove her to the brink. Althia sighed and looked up at the indigo sky. She loved her family but, every now and then, some space is needed.
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