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by ISO
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May 24th, 2004.
Inky blackness of the waves below you ebb and flow, crashing against the wooden feet of the pier below. In this moment there is nobody but you looking out over it all, lost in the early-dawn darkness. A lonely graffiti-covered payphone lingers around the corner of a building behind you, it clings to the back of your mind like ticking clock. You lean over the shoddy railing, watching what is ahead. The distant, blinking red lights and echoing fog-horn of a freighter calls from the darkness, and that warm summer pacific air washes over you with a relief that makes you forget everything around you except for this moment.

Frozen in time, staring at nothingness while an old streetlight dies besides you, flickering with the last of it's bulb's life. You stare out as if something was within the blackness, waiting with such patience that it barely seems to exist. But you know it does. Its deafening indifference and mystery has always been there to comfort and haunt you.

Wisps of smoke from the cigarette in your hand are tossed and turled, quickly sucked out and evaporated into the greater blackness, then crashed back against you with the ocean's breath. Ugly squawking of distant seagulls begin, only to be interrupted by the waves flowing over the beach beneath the neglected wooden slats. Somewhere in the city behind you, your kin are raging through the grimy clubs still, unsatisfied with their taste of flesh and violence in the still-young night. Somewhere in that city where they ended your old life. Somewhere...

That isn't here. In this lone moment, where everything is melted away, leaving you naked and bare for the void to witness.

Then, it ends.The lonely payphone behind you rings. The hunt begins again.
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