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Just a small poem expressing a pain I cannot verbally express.
 Smile on my lips, hole in my heart
Been hiding my pain from the very start

Forcing a laugh, saying I'm fine
But really my mental health is on the decline

Yes, I could open up to others, show them the pain
But how could I bear to fuss and complain?

Life isn't easy, no it really is not
Mine in particular seems to do nothing but rot

I know it seems I'm focused on the bad rather than the good
But this poem is to express the sorrow and pain that I never could

There are good days hidden among the bad
And I'm grateful for this, because its more than I've ever had

I just want to take this chance to express my hidden pain
Because I don't want to risk relapsing once again

Smile on my lips, hole in my heart,
Been hiding my pain from the very start

Now that you know the secret I've been hiding
You may be able to see the steady mental sliding.

Perhaps you can now see how much I've stockpiled within
Just to protect others from the pain I've hidden

It may seem bad, but I promise I'll be safe and sound
For I made a promise to someone who I refuse to let down.

This poem is just an expression of my inner self
Another peice of emotional art to rest on the shelf

Rest assured, that I won't give in
Farewell for now, for this is the end.
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