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by cfish
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a poem about Halloween
As I walk outside I see the trees dance with the wind
the air feeling cool
the scent of fall filling my nose
pumpkin carving, apple cider, soft blankets
I feel warm inside

I step out of my front door with my new costume on
candy bag clutched in my hand
a smile on my face, ready to meet with my friends
a rush of excitement blows through me
as the sun begins to set

I find my friends
almost excited as I am
we begin to walk through the streets
gathering candy from each house
comparing who has the most in their bag

for hours we roam the streets
skipping and giggling as our bags weigh more than us
not a care or a worry in the world
our only worry being if we will get sick from too much chocolate

It is Halloween now
I am not excited
nor do I have a cool costume
I don't have a pumpkin carved on my porch
I haven't even came out of my room today

I look outside my window
there are few kids knocking on doors
no one in the Halloween spirit

What have we become?
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