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How sorry is a great expression
I was about 10 when I read above statement (by Sh. S.L.Sareen then Principal of Maharaj Singh college Saharanpur.) He made this statement in an interview which was published in his college Magazine.My brother was doing his graduation then, brought that Magazine home and my tiny hands and impressionable mind got hold of it...
I still believe no one book has ever influenced or entertained me as much as that college magazine did..articles of wide variety in that are still fresh in my mind with their content and titles..

Coming back to that statement, I remained somewhat confused as to how a person is a coward if he can't or doesn't utter a simple "sorry."...being a child I thought only children and weak people are supposed to say sorry to avoid the wrath of stronger or dominating people..
As I grew older I realised the inherent truth in that statement....that at times it requires an extraordinary amount of courage to admit a fault, a wrong doing, a mistake or a blunder, realise it that you owe someone an apology for that and regardless of your position in the hierarchy of society or family or an institution not just feel sorry but also express it with that magical English word "sorry".
I tell you what ... that if you meant it then the forgiveness from the other end will come instantly in full measure without any reserve.
I never attended college and still believe that humorous saying "No knowledge without college and no life without wife is kind of true..nevertheless that college magazine article did teach me an important lesson..

In the end if you have been thus far through this piece of writing thanks a lot for your time...and I am very sorry if it has not been worth it.

Sandeep Guleria
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