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Is God with us or do we ignore Him in the main?
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We live in a distracted generation, too busy to spend time with God. We race from project to project, entertainment to entertainment without stopping to spend time with the One to whom we owe everything. Our indifference and our neglect hurt the One who loves us more than any other and who knows us better than we know ourselves. It is time to reconnect and renew that sense of intimacy with our First Love. God is waiting for us to call.


Be still and know that He is God. It sounds simple, but can we just stop for a minute and relax in His presence? We stress ourselves out with trivia while the Almighty God of gods, Kings of Kings, Creator, Redeemer and Judge watches us running around like headless chickens. Creating spaces in our schedule or developing the habit of devoting quiet times to the Lord requires discipline and a choice.


None of us are righteous, not even one. We all have things we need to clear away and repent of before we approach God. God will not come to us while we cling to our sins. So let the wicked forsake their way and the unrighteous his thoughts, that he may return to the Lord. Let us approach in faith a God we know loves us and who sent His Son into this world so that we might not perish but rather have eternal life. Jesus has opened a way through the veil and we can enter into intimacy with God. A place where only the High Priest of Israel was allowed once a year to make sacrifices.


Do we come in faith, with thankful hearts, with hearts set to praise Him? He is the source of all love, light and life. If we sit in His presence, we are animated by these. Never are we more alive, never are we more in love and never do we blaze so brightly as when we are with Him. His glory is like a bath that makes everything clean and fresh. Old men rise like eagles in His presence and the young learn wisdom and respect. The deep mysteries and the hidden truths are all revealed here. We yearn for, we aspire to and we dream of these moments with Him when all makes sense and a world of troubles falls away. It is only in His presence that we can find peace. It is only in the fullness of His Spirit that our hearts beat in synch with the Divine.


Though busy and distracted, we need to make time for God. We need to turn away from our sins and unrighteous thoughts and focus our attention on Him. It is only in the Holy of holies that we can experience God and the intimacy of being with Him. There is no better time than the time we spend in eternity; there is no better love than that He gives us; no brighter light than the one He shines on us; and no more joyful life than the one He fills us with.

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