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A boarding school of tickle tortured for disobedient college girls.
Jenna cried to her father as they got off the plane as they went to pick up their car at the rental services. Then came the long 2-hour drive to the boarding school. Richard read about this boarding school. It is supposed to be one of the top schools for girls in the country. Many activities, collages professors for their classes, and the best chefs in the state of Main preparing the kids meals. But the only thing Richard thought was weird was the name of the school. "Isabella's boarding school for girls".

"Dad, I don't want to go to a stupid boarding school." she looked at her father "Dad please, don't make me go. All my friends are here and my boyfriend Scott".

Her father looked at her sternly and angerly said "Your boyfriend Scott is one of the reasons why you are going".
He continued, "I don't understand why a bright young girl with good grades and a great future ahead would do such stupid things. you could have had a full ride to, UCLA for track and field. But instead, you had to get messed up with this Scott fellow, then drop out of track and let your grades fall. Because of this you're going to a boarding school for disobedient collage girls and that's where you're going and hopefully, they will straighten out what's left of you".

"What! a boarding school. Are you crazy. I'm not going, and you can't make me. I'm telling mom, I'm telling mom, I'm telling mom".

"Do you hear yourself Jena, do you know how immature you sound? Just like an 8yr old. now you have me convinced will never make it on your own. But unfortunately, I do blame some of this on myself though. I should have put you to work at one of my restaurants or golf courses at least something, that would have given you some work ethics."

"You can't fool me. You're just trying to break me and Scott up, and besides Scott loves me, and I love him. We're going to get married and move to California, find a place close to the ocean and live out our lives happily together. Jena".

Richard looked at her if she were crazy. "Do you realize how stupid you sound. You want to go and live on the beach with Scott and live happily ever after. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. What are you going to do for money? California cost of living is twice as expensive as Chicago. and work what kind of jobs will you "dumb and dumber" have. No one is going to hire either of you without a high school diploma."

Jenna answered him. "Money, money, money. that's all you think about. for your information Scott is going to buy a houseboat where we can live on and take tourist for boat cruises or fishing trips., and will make lots of money so, ha, ha."

"Really" Richard said "And where are you going to get the money for the boat, did you ever think of that?"

"But daddy," Jenna cried. "You said that I could have anything I wanted after graduation".

"Your right" Richard replied. "I did say that but guess what? you're not going to graduated".

Jenna let out a load scream. She folded her arms and didn't say a word for the rest of the ride.

Jenna's mom left Richard for a younger wealthier man. Not that Richard wasn't wealthy himself, he had more money that he could ever spend. As Richard got older, he gave a-lot of his money away to good organizations, like St-Jude, Shriners Hosptial and the Pacific Garden Missions. But his daughter Jenna would be set for life. The amount of money she will receive only depends on the outcome of her stay at the boarding school.

When Richard married Julie; he knew it would be only a matter of time before she left him. She did love him very much. The reason Julie left It was because of the age difference between them. 35 years apart is too many years between a man and his wife. At the age of 64 Richard married Juile, she was 29. His daughter Jenna hated Julie because Jenna thought Julie was only in it for the money. But that was far from the truth. Julie thought Richard was a very sophisticated, well read and had the manners of a gentleman. Not like the other men who Julie dated.

Before dinner was over, they paid the check and off to bed with her. Julie was a raving beauty with a body to go along. Her dark long hair and deep brown eyes would melt any man's heart. The only problem with Juile was she was uneducated, but she wasn't that simple minded to have sex with any of them, growing up in a Christian home her mother always told her the importance of remaining celibate so she could come to her marriage bed clean. And Richard in his couldn't keep up with a young woman, so he let her go without prejudice, then he could concentrate on his work and making more money.

"Your mother already knows and agrees with me 100%". Richard said.
"You say Scott loves you. Here, look at these photos and tell me again that he loves you".
Richard handed Jenna his cell phone and showed her the pictures of Scott with another girl; they were leaning against a wall by the entrance of the library, they were holding each other close, so close that even a crowbar couldn't break them apart, and kissing like there was not going to be a tomorrow.

Jenna screamed. "Thats not Scott! I know that's not Scott. He wouldn't do that to me, these are fake. I hate you; I hate you; I hate you. Why don't you just die!"

"Calm down" Richard said softly. "we're almost there, you see this is what happens when you are ditching class, smoking weed and who knows whatever else you did".

Jenna sat there with her arms folded across her chest. "I not getting out of this car, and that's that".

"Well Jenna, you have the next 2-3 years to prove yourself that you are capable of living and start acting as a young woman your age should".

"2-3 years! Go to hell!". Jenna yelled.

"It will only be 2-3yrs if you learned your lesson, but maybe more if you haven't".

Richard pulled up to a steel gated drive, honk his horn twice as the directions said and the gates opened.
Richard drove his car along a winding freshly paved road. on each side of the road were beautiful pine trees that covered a dense forest on either side.

pulled his car around the bus terminal closed to what seemed to be a charter bus. A beautiful Brazilian woman about 5'5 close to 30yrs stepped out of her new Mercedes-Benz E 450 4D Sedan. She was dressed to the hilt, she was wearing a short tight black skirt, low cut white blouse and beige sandals. The sandals showed off her beautiful feet, her toenails were French cut with natural color and the tips were a nice white. She had wonderful body; Big full breast, a fantastic ass that she moves just the right way when she walked, between her ass and legs, she could compete with any of today's models that any man could only dream about.

that any man would not take his eyes off of it. Richard couldn't keep his eyes off of her as she wiggled her boobs letting Richard get a full view as she walked from her car to him, she was about 5' away when she turned around for no apparent reason, and bent over with her legs together, she stuck her ass in the air showing Richard her white see through panties and pretending to wipe something off her shoe. Richard knew it was just to show off her ass, and those see through panties and boy were they. Richard loved every minute of it and before she stood upright, she turned to see if Richard was still gawking at her, and of course he was.

2 large men Billy and Jamari walked slightly behind her: no more than three feet. they walked with her from her car to where Richard was standing. Billy was 6'4 and carried M16 that held 30-round magazine and 5 additional magazines to boot. Billy was "old school", his preference for his side arm was a Smith & Wesson Model 686 / 357 Magnum 7-Round /6-inch barrel Revolver, with 6 speed loaders. He also had a U.S. military ammo pouch for some extra ammo, just in case.

Russian AK47s. that had 30 round magazines, each carried They also had sidearms, Jamari carried a Glock 45-9mm 17-Round capacity, with 4 additional magazines. Billy was "old school", he carried a Smith & Wesson Model 686 / 357 Magnum 7-Round /6-inch barrel Revolver, and 6 speed loaders, he also had a U.S. military ammo pouch for some extra ammo, just in case.

Both men were highly trained. They were experts' sharp shooters with any rifle. They were also experts in handguns Billy was trained by the U.S. marine corps. Jamari: Meaning “warrior”. was trained by the Arabic special forces. Billy once killed two enemy men at the same time with only a knife. It wasn't pretty, Billy chopped them up well. At least he was able to walk away, but he paid the price for it. His face, arms and chest looked like it went through a meat grinder. They were also trained in hand-to-hand combat. This was done by a Brazilian martial arts expert.
As for Micky. He didn't talk much about his past, in fact, he hardly talked at all and that was good because Billy hated men when they wouldn't shut their mouth and blah, blah, blah about some mission that never existed. And it was always a bunch of bull shit.

Let's talk about Jenna, she was almost 5'8. and short blond hair. Her boobs that were larger than normal teenager her age, but they weren't enormous like she wished they were. Her father promised her she could either have a boob job or a car after her 8th grade graduation, and she already had a pair that she saw in playboy all picked out. But so much for that she didn't graduate. She had a very pretty face she was very cute. The guys at the school would rate her a 7 out of 1-10. Her legs were athlete, she ran track in her first 2 years of high school and made it to the state finals. She walked away with a 3rd place trophy, not too bad for a city girl. But ever since she met this Scott fellow, it didn't take long before she lost interest in many things and track was the first thing to go. Then art, she loved art class the field trips to the museums it was something she always looked forward to. Now her life was drinking, smoking cigarettes and weed. Also, she and her newfound girl friends would do wet-tee-shirt contest for the guys at parties.

The Brazilian women introduced herself to Richard.

"Hi, I'm Isabella, and you must be Richard". Isabella said smiling.

"How did you know". Richard replied.

"Let's just say I know a distinguish man when I see one". Isabella laughed holding on to Richard's arm. "And besides were only waiting for 2 more girls to arrive".

Richard got nervous when Isabella wouldn't let go of his arm. Richard looked at the two men staring him down. Isabella looked at Richard.

"Don't mind those 2 lugs there here to protect the girls". Isabella laughed. "Hey, take a look our last of the bunch is arriving now".

Richard walked over to his car; Jenna was still sitting there with her arms folded.

"Well, I'll be a monkeys uncle" Richard said as he watched the 2 girls get out of the car. "Aren't those your 2 friends Sandy and Carla".

'Do you really think you can fool me by saying "some of my friends are here".

Richard waved his arm and yelled "Carla, Sandy, over here".

Both of the girls started walked over to Richard's car and peered in the window. They tapped on the window.

"Come out, come out, whoever you are". Sandy and Carla chimed together.

Richard walked over to Sandys father, Jim.

"Hello, Jim, how are things going". Richard asked as he stuck out his hand for a handshake.

"I don't know Richard, are we doing the right thing by sending our daughters to Brazil". Jim asked.

"Well, this place comes highly recommended, did you read the brochure"? Richard asked.

"No, I'm more concerned about them going to Brazil by themselves". Jim replied.

"Everything will be alright, trust me in 2 years are girls will be back to normal".

Jenna looked up to see who was tapping at the window. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"I can't believe you guys are here too". Jenna cried. "Carla, what did you do?"

Carla told her, "I got caught sneaking out of the house to go to the movies with a couple of friends. They had their boyfriends with them, but that wasn't part of the deal, it was supposed to be a girl's night out. But thanks to my little sister that tattle-tell, my parents said that was the last straw, I don't know what they meant by "last straw" I never did anything like that or anything at all for that matter. So, I wound up here".

Let's talk about Carla. The boys at the school called her "big titty Carla". Because that's what she had. she never dated; she was afraid that all the boys wanted to do, is to play with her tits. And she was 98% correct. There was this one boy who worked with her in the school library who actually liked her, but he was too scared to talk to her and nothing came from it. Considering the size of Carla tits, she had a small waist. she was only 4'11 and with her small waist it made her tits look bigger. She had shoulder length brown hair. She wasn't pretty or ugly just average. And being average the boys would just leave her alone, and that's the way she wanted it.

Now Sandy was a different issue. She was a knock-out. The way her long red and blond hair curved around her face while gently falling around her shoulders then stopping at her waist made her a "sight for sore eyes". She had soft green eyes which are a rarity. That smoking hot ass and big and beautiful tits she was every boy's dream; she was a genuine beauty. Unfortunately, her father was the Sheriff and all the boys stayed clear after 2 of them spent the night in jail just for talking to her. Most of the girls envied her for no reason, she was sweet, kind and helped others as much as possible a true good girl. Sandys misfortune was she was holding some drugs for a friend. They were in a brown paper bag tape up with duct tape. Sandy asked what kind of drugs were in there and her friend said weed, that's all.
But when her father came home with a woman from the department, she brought her dog with her, she was in charge of the canine unite.
Once the dog entered the house he started sniffing around, the dog smelled something, and both the Sheriff and his deputy knew it.
Finally, the dog bolted upstairs and right into Sandys room. And he started scratching at the bottom drawer of her dresser. The woman asked the dog. "What do you got boy, what did you find". The Sheriff pulled the bottom draw out looked into it and saw the brown paper bag sitting there. The Sherif looked at his deputy and sadly said "she didn't even try to hide it". He took the bag down to the kitchen table and dumped the contents on to the table. He looked at the table with tears in his eyes. "Cocaine, he mumbled to himself. It had to be cocaine". He left the room and wept.

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