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Writer's cramp Submission
This roller-coaster was a slow starter, so Jemina only lightly held the guard rails as she asked her daughter, "So, what were you doing in the kitchen last night, Clara?"
Clara had her hands on her lap, ever tense even inside the amusement park, when she responded with, "Why are you so nosy?"
Jemina looked in shock upon her daughter before snapping her gaze back onto the track ahead of her; high altitude was dividing her hair into wisps. Jemina replied, "Oh; alright. I'm sorry that I spoke to you."
Clara mockingly nodded as she said, "I'm sorry that you spoke to me, too.''
Jemina looked again upon her daughter, and this time when she spoke, her voice rose: "What is going on? You haven't been talking to me recently, then when you do, you talk like this. What is going on?"
Clara gave an exasperated, short sigh before retorting, with an undertone of exasperated humor, "Sometimes, I long to be arrested just so I can hear those words, 'You have the right to remain silent'.''
Jemina looked steadily upon her daughter and then said, " I don't want to feel like I'm intruding, Clara--"
Clara wrenched herself towards the far side.
There was an almost fantastical quality to the tension that froze Clara and Jemina for the remainder of the ride...only, when they got off the roller-coaster, Jemina strode ahead; Clara stalked behind.
There was no talk about it; they were headed to the parking lot.
Soon, however, Clara raced ahead of Jemina, so that Jemina looked behind them in amazement--a stray, sparking firework fizzled with growing energy on the avenue; However, Jemina stood still upon the avenue, looking upon her daughter; Clara hadn't even called to her mother in warning.
The firework's sparks spurred it on, and it shot off horizontally down the avenue, striking Clara on the back--

You know, Clara had no last words; she didn't even moan when she hit the ground.
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