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by Jordan
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The Soulless Hocksletter Familly is about a family that have a deep dark secret
The Soulless Hocksletter Family
Chapter 1 The Beginning Of The End
They wonder how it all started in the town of Hocksletter Lousianna. It all started because of jealousy of a son that wanted more than immortality but his joy to make things suffer from his powers, but when Olivia was born, he knew that her power was more substantial together. He also wanted Olivia to kill their parents so he could take care of her his way, so his favorite animal bit him. Then he started to hate the animal and then decided to kill his family but instead banish his mother, Kyliee Hocksletter, also known as Stitches, the demon of wrong or right, made her have face paint on her face for the rest of eternity blue and red stitches like face paint gave her the power to spit this blue stuff out of her mouth onto the person who is doing wrong face, making them blind forever and he turned his father into a beast the ruler of the Mirror world and a lion-like head and body in their bathroom mirror and then banish his grandma into the underwater world and her power was water voodoo magic and her demon name is Ilta then it was his aunt was turned into Vec and gave her the power of immortality Olivia saw this all fold down and said you hurt mommy now I pulled you to her brother next thing Damian Hocksletter known he was banished into the underworld where he would dethrone The Devil and take over turned all red and known as Demoni the ruler of the underworld and the Demon of Suffering and the soul stealer he stole his family souls, Robbie said laughing at Carrie King Scared Reaction to it happening and hugging Peter Jones her boyfriend Cat Vision Setting next to her boyfriend Robbie Wilde Robbie, little brother Caleb was sitting next to no one, and his nose started to bleed his brother and them started to rush over to him with a napkin to stop his nose from bleeding. Anyway enough with that lets talk about what theses characters look like first allows start with Carrie King Carrie haves short blonde hair she is Canadian white skirt with a white t shirt with black overalls with a black jeans and black boots head phones around her neck hooked up to a belt around her waist with her phone, now Peter Jones her boyfriend Black hair Hazels eyes wears blue glasses black hoodie black pants and black boots like his girlfriend,Cat Vision use to be popular until she change the color of her hair to pink and were a taketop and blue jeans with tennis shoes, Robbie Wilde wears Glass big Puffy red hair blue shorts with a blue hoodie and red tennis shoes also caleb blue hair wears matching clothes as his brother, then Robbie said did you hear about the two new kids coming into our school district the guys name is Jake Flector and The Girls name Is Olivia but the school don't have her last name Carrie said really that is weird I know right and she just came out of a mental hospital and they say that she haves power so don't her everyone started to laugh at it was a;
joke to them, or was it
Chapter 2 Caleb's Fear
when they thought everything was fine, that night would be a mistake that they would regret as that night. Caleb would have a nightmare that would end his life. It was the nightmare of his parents the night of the car crash where his parents died and the nightmare Robbie had to babysit him. They got the news that their parents died in a car crash, and Robbie had to move Caleb from school so the foster care people wouldn't take Caleb and stuff. Then that is the moment when Demoni appeared, and the hand went around his head and started sucking the soul out of Caleb's body when Caleb began to float in the air, and then one arm broke, then the other arm he went for the wrist broke both of the wrists and went for legs and broke them and made him blind and then dropped and then the rest of the friends heard the body hit the floor and they called the ambulance and his brother was pronounced dead

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