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A poem about night terrors.
As the moon rises in the sky
And the stars begin to shine
A person lies in bed awake
With night terrors on their mind

The room is dark and silent
But inside their head it's not
For shadows dance and demons lurk
And fear is all they've got

Their heart beats fast and hard
As they try to close their eyes
But the images that haunt them
Are too vivid to disguise

They see a ghostly figure
In the corner of their room
And hear a voice that whispers
Of impending doom

The walls start to close in
And the floor begins to shake
As a sense of dread and terror
Overwhelms their every wake

They try to cry out for help
But their voice is just a croak
As they feel the hands of darkness
Around their throat

The night terrors take control
And the person cannot escape
As they're lost in a world of horror
And their mind begins to break

But as the sun begins to rise
And the night terrors fade away
The person is left exhausted
From the horror of the night's play

They try to shake off the feeling
As they start their day anew
But the memory of the night terrors
Is something they cannot undo

For they know that when the moon rises
And the stars begin to shine
The night terrors will return
And they'll be trapped once again in their mind.
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