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boy turned int girl by wrong wish
This is my story. I'm Deva.
I live with my mom & sister Namita, she is my twin. We both are in same class.
She is very pretty, especially her waist length silky black hairs, of which I'm a big fan. I'm crazy for long hairs, some people call it a fetish.

Maybe my sister is the reason why I have this fetish, as my mom has always kept her hairs short. I love watching my sister brush & style her hairs. That's a rare thing to find, nowadays no girl keep their hairs long. I'm so lucky that my sister has long hairs.

Bdw this events occurred when I was in my 11th class. My mom is a bank employee. And she was promoted & transferred to head branch in a different city.
New city, new school ! We all were very excited.

Namita : Maa, I'm going out. I have some work

Mom : Didn't you met all your friends yesterday night.

Namita : No maa, I have some other work, which I need to be done with, before I leave this city.

Mom : Ok. But please come back on time. Cab will be here @ 4 in the evening.

Namita : Yeah mom. I wilk be back by then. Hey Deva, wanna join me ?

Deva : Yes Di ! Give me a second. Let me change my jeans.
( How can I miss such a chance, she just shampooed her hairs & her hairs still wet. Which means she won't be tieing them & I can enjoy the fragrance & touch of her hairs )

Mom : No, don't take him with you. Their are still some stuff to pack. I will need his help

Deva : Ok mom, I will stay
( I should have gone with her.)

• Me & mom completed all our packing*

*Door bell ring*

I opened the door & was stunned seeing my sister.
She laughed out loud. Which made mom to come at the front door. It was Namita standing with her Bob haircut.

Mom : Namita ! Is that you ? Where's all your hairs ?
( She said, pampering her freshly cut hairs. She also checked if it's a prank )

Namita : Surprise !!! How do I look ??

Mom : You look amazing dear, this new haircut suits you so much.

Namita : I was planning to do this from a long time, and as we are moving a to new a city, I wanted to look new.

Deva : Did you bring your cut hairs ?
( God please. I wish that she brought them with her. Only thing which came to my mind, what happened to her cut hairs ! It was longer than 3 feets ! )

Namita : Why would I bring my chopped hairs ? They must have thrown it away.

Deva : oh ok
( I couldn't express how deeply saddened I was, but couldn't discuss more about her hairs. Otherwise she would question my curiosity. What a waste of such beautiful and long hairs, I'm so unlucky, I couldn't play with them,I thought )

Mom : Ok, Enough talking now. Get ready fast, cab will be here any minute.

( I sat at front, while mom & Namita sat at the back.
All the way I couldn't think anything else other than my sister's haircut. I had questions like, What made her cut her hairs ? Why I didn't play with her hairs before ? Why I didn't go with her to the salon ? )

Mom : Driver, stop the car at the next restaraunt for dinner.

Driver : ok Mam.

*Car stopped at a restaurant, it was next to the highway*

Mom : Deva, do you see that medical store ? On the other side ? I'm having a headache, go bring me a painkiller.

Deva : Ok mom.
( As soon as I reached the store,my heart skipped a beat. I saw a women in her 50's standing at the store, she came to collect some painkillers too. But what made me happy was her thick black anaconda like braid which reached her knees. )

Pharmacist : Mam we don't accept card for purchases below rupees 100. Please pay in cash.

The woman : That's the problem, I don't have any cash left with me. Please swipe the card.

Amit : How much for her painkillers ?

Pharmacist : Rupees 80

Deva : Here take this.

The woman : Why are you paying kid ? How will I repay you ?
( She looked at me from top to bottom )

Deva : it's ok Mam. It has not been a good day for me, so just trying to atleast make your day better. But nice hairs mam. Is it real ? For a women of your age !
( I said, infront of everyone. As I'm leaving this city. I'm not afraid what people might think of me )

The woman : hehe.. Yes it's absolutely real. My hairs are my life line.

( We took our meds and left the store )

Deva : Not every one thinks the same about their hairs. My sister today cut her 3 feet long hairs into a Bob !

The woman : You are so much into long hairs ! She must have been facing difficulty managing her hairs, that's why she got it cut.

Deva : I don't think managing long hair is difficult. I wish I had long hairs. I would have never cut it short.

The woman : Be careful, what you wish for !

Deva : I have always dreamt & wished for long hairs.
( I said with a sadness in my voice )

( She brought her thickest braid in front & said )

The woman : Grab my braid with both of your hands.

( I was surprised by what she said, but I was so into her hairs, i grabbed her braid without questioning )

The woman :
I grant you knee length hairs.
Your hairs will always be like mine, thick..black..long..
no matter how old you become !
But you have to keep in mind
You can't tie your hairs in bun, everyone must see your hair length,especially when you go out, because if it's in bun everyone will wonder how long it is !
And then the hairs will grow to unimaginable lengths.
So keep your hairs tied in a braid,a ponytail or better keep it loose.
Cutting your hairs won't work,it will grow again in an instant.
And If you try to shave it, you will turn into a girl with long hairs.

( She laughed out loud after saying this, she sounded like a witch ! )

The woman : Hello ? Where are you lost ?

Deva : Ooh, I'm sorry mam.
( I looked at my hand,I wasn't holding her braid anymore, Was that a dream ? It felt so real I thought )

The woman : Ok, now I have to go. Thanks for your help.

Deva : Happy to help.

( I reached back at the restaurant )

Mom : What took you so long ?

Deva : The store was full with customers.

Mom : Oh ok ! Come sit, have dinner.

( We reached at out flat late night, and went straight to our bedrooms, as the caretaker has already installed most of our stuffs )

*Next morning*

( I woke up and went straight into bathroom to poop. I slide down my pants and sat on the seat, but I felt something pulled my head back. I put my right hand on my back and It was hairs !!
I quickly moved towards the bathroom mirror. I looked into it and saw that my whole back was covered with dark black thick hairs, it was so thick that my back was almost invisible.

Deva : What the fuck !!!
Is it real or I'm dreaming this !
( I splashed water on my face to wake my self up )

Deva : Oh no ! It's all real. I'm not dreaming !
( I said while bringing my hairs at front.)

Deva: I have knee length hairs ! That too in just one night. It means what happened last night was not a dream, that woman actually fulfilled my wish for long hair.
( I pulled my hairs hard on the scalp, plz god make it vanish, what will I say to mom, I thought )

Mom : hurry up you both, breakfast is server.

Deva: OMG ! What am I gonna do now. Mom ! I'm not hungry. Not feeling well today. So let me sleep,I shouted.
( I quickly locked myself in my room )

*In the evening*

Namita : Deva ! Open the door now.

Mom : Deva !!
( Mom banged on the door )

Deva : wait I'm coming out, I said
( Now I have to tell them the truth, I thought. And I opened the door and came out in my t-shirt and shorts )

Mom : What the hell is this ? Why are you wearing a wig ?

Namita : knee length wig !!
( She said with shock )

Deva : Mom, di .. it's not wig !
Its my real hairs.

Mom : What do you mean your real hairs ?

( I told her the whole story, my hairfetish, love for Namita's hair, that mysterious woman and her warnings. It was complete silence for few minutes. Everyone was surprised how such a thing can happen. )

Mom : OMG ! What have you done !
( She sat on the chair with distress )

Namita : have you tried cutting it ?

Deva : Yes I have. It's of no use. It again grows in an instant. Just like the woman said. I have to carry it like this whole my life !!

after few days

Principal Mam : Mam it's against school policy. We allow boys with long hair only if it's tied into Sikh buns. Even For girls we allow only folded twin braids. Please apply here again only if you get his hair cut short or tied into Sikh bun.

*Outside school gates*

Mom : This is the 6th school which rejected your application because of your hairs. Your hairs are becoming a hurdle in your path to good education.

Deva : I'm sorry maa. Sorry for causing you trouble.

( The school guard,who was listening to our conversation, came towards us & analysed me from top to bottom )

School Guard : Excuse me Mam, what happened ?

Mom : School is not giving my son admission, because of his long hairs. All the best schools of this city has already rejected my son's application. This school was my last hope.

School Guard : Mam there is still one school left where you can try. The school is 10 kms from here, Heritage College Earlier it was an All Girls school, named Heritage Girls College but from this session they have become Co-ed.
Not many people know about this change, so getting admission their will be easy. The school is very good.

Mom : Thankyou so much for your advice.

*Next day*

Principal sir : Son please come to me.

( He signalled towards me. I stood up from my chair and stood right beside him. He made me turn,so that he can see my braid )

Principal sir : We have 85% girl students but let me tell you no other student or even teacher in our school has hairs like him. Why don't you get it cut ?

Mom : Sorry sir, we can't cut it. Please try to understand. You are my last hope, please give admission to my son

Principal sir : Ok Mam. Only because of your request I'm allowing your son's admission. Long hairs is not for boys. But son,keep your hairs oiled and tied properly. I expect you will do that.

Deva : Yes sir, I will.

( We reached home, after completing the admission process )

Namita : So did you get the admission ?

Amit : Yes !

Namita : See,where did your wish brought you. Most of the students in your school will be girls. How will you manage ?

Deva: I will manage, I agree it's not anywhere near to your new school, but it's not that bad either.

( After my first day at school )

Mom : So how was your first day of school ?

Deva : It was wild. Everyone was staring at me all day. Teachers came to me and touched my braid. Everyone was talking about me and my hairs in the school.
They even named me Anaconda.

Namita : Anaconda ! Why ?

Deva: Coz of my thick braid. They were saying it's like anaconda.

Mom : Give it some time,you will get used to it.

Namita : But before that,get used to caring your hairs. I missed my school bus today coz of you. Learn to brush and braid your hairs by yourself.

Deva : I will.

( I have get used to brushing, shampooing and styling my hairs. But what I am still not used to,is being bullied and teased by other students from my school, from my teachers, from my neighbours and from people on the streets. They think I'm a Cross dresser !! )

*After six months*

Namita : Maa, have you noticed Deva is becoming very shy and introvert these days ?

Mom : Yeah, I have also noticed it. It's all because of his love for long hairs. They must have been bullying him for that.

Namita : Maa, let's not focus on that. His hairs are not going anywhere. We have to find a solution. I don't why these people take so much interest in his hairs. It's just hairs.

Mom : No Namita,it's not just hairs. Have you really seen his hairs ? It's not some ordinary long hair. It's magical,no one can miss noticing it. It's long..thick..and dark black. It's a gift from a witch.

Namita : I'm fed up of people asking about my brother's hair. Did you talk to that famous Baba I told you the other day ?

Mom : Yes, I called him today. He asked to bring Deva with us. It's a 30 km drive from here,will go after school

*Next day*

( We reached at Baba Ji's ashram. The ashram was huge. We were directed towards the prayer hall. We entered the prayer hall, which was filled with 1000's of his followers. They instructed us to move towards the stage. While I was walking everyone was looking at my Anaconda )

Mom : Baba ji, this is my son Deva.

Baba ji : Come Deva,come to me.
( I went up the stage and stood in the middle. He brought my braid forward and started unbraiding them, while he dictated my whole story with the mysterious woman to his audience on mic. When baba ji was done unbraiding,he made me turn and showed his followers my thick,shiny dark mane. Everyone was shocked to see my hairs and listening to my story )

Mom : Please babaji, undo his wish

Babaji : Don't you worry, I will help you

( He said & started pampering my hairs from top to bottom.
He rubbed some magical, stinky ash on my hairs. It smelled like pee. After fully covering my hairs with ash he brought a razor and made me sit on the floor and he dry shaved my head. Everybody started clapping for him, how he saved me from some witch's dark magic )

Mom : Babaji, you saved us. Thank you so much baba ji

( Everyone was happy including me,but I started missing my long hairs. Which I have cared for all these months. However I have enjoyed fully my long hairs. And now I know how hard it is to maintain long hairs. )

*Next morning*

( When I woke up, I felt something heavy on my chest. I went straight to the drawing room, still in my sleep. Mom & Namita Di were having tea. As soon as they saw me, cup from my mother's hand slipped and fell on the floor. )

Namita : What the fuck !

Mom : OMG

Deva : ??
( I quickly moved my hand on my head. Ooh no ! My hairs still long !! )

Namita : Stay right here.

( She quickly ran towards her room an brought a mirror. She removed my t-shirt and pulled my shorts down. I was standing naked. )

Deva : Oh no !
( I looked in the mirror, I couldn't recognise myself. I have turned into a pretty girl. I have grown well developed big boobs. I got a nice curvy ass. My body was free of unwanted hairs. My voice was changed, it became feminine.
Now I have a cunt instead of a cock !! )

Mom : Ooh no, that baba fooled us. Deva you have turned into a girl now !! Only thing that filthy ash did is reduced the shine from your hairs.

Namita : No mom ! She is not Deva, she is my twin sister, Devi !!!

The End
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