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You've heard of the no fly list. Well this is the no fry list.
Roger entered today’s date November 13, 2247. Halfway through his routine check of the time machine, he slammed his fist against the console and said, it’s been hijacked again. This makes the third time, and who knows what they are using it for?
Going to the same time and place in 1954, San Bernardino CA.

Whoever is doing this is very smart. So far they have eluded security. Avoided setting off any alarms. The only consistency in their crime, it's always done on a weekend.

Time to set a trap. Roger wanted to see the time bandit’s face when he officially says, everyone knows you did it. Roger wanted to be the hero.

Roger was prepared to stay all weekend, but he was going to catch this person. He started taking inventory of his snack situation, when he heard a noise. He looked in the direction of the time machine and it had already disappeared.

No worries, Roger moved closer and waited for the time machine to reappear. As if by magic it reappeared before his eyes.

When the door opened, sixteen year old Arlo exited eating something Roger had never seen before. He grabbed Arlo by the arm, and said, you’re in a lot of trouble mister.

Roger forcefully sat Arlo in a chair and said, who are you kid?

My name is Arlo, and my dad works in maintenance.

You mean our weekend janitor. Your dad’s the janitor. The son of a janitor is hijacking my trillion dollar time machine. You would have to be a genius to do that!

Arlo said, guilty as charged.

Why are you going back to 1954?

I go there because they have French Fries. I know it’s on our list of banned foods, but in 1954, you can get them anywhere!

Roger said, will you take me?
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