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Sounds while having a bath. Silly and fun
Turning the tap and dimming the lights.
Who said bathing could only be at night.
Bath time is my time to hide away from them all.
Soothed by the gurgle of the waterfall.
Filling the tub as it bubbles and flows,
Stretching my body, my arms and my toes.
The water pitter patters like a delicate raindrop,
The tub fills up quickly as I peel off my top.
Steam wraps all around me, the warmth hits my skin,
I undress and throw my clothes in the wash bin.
Tired and sleepy, I pour my bubble bath in,
It whirls in the downpour, I watch with a grin.
Bloop, bloop the bubbles burst as I place my foot in the tub,
Sliding down further, I wash off my grub.
The water moves with me, splashing as I rub at my skin,
The loofah feels much too good, it must be a sin.
Body and soul cleansed as liquid ebbs to and fro,
I don't want to get out; I don't want to go.
I stand, water runs down my body in a trickle,
I forgot my towel, god, what a pickle.
Pulling the plug, the water sucks, spins and rotates,
I'm absolutely naked with no towel to locate.
I shout through the door, “Hey get my dressing gown.”
I'm stuck in the bathroom wearing a frown.
An arm flays up and down, dressing gown in my sight,
I grab it quickly with all of my might.
Safe In the knowledge i’m naked no more,
I shout thanks to my hero and unlock the door.
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