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Getting healthy - grow up happy and well - a child or teen has it tough - a rhyming poem.
So young children, feel the power,
Stress and pain, just stick through heartache;
Moviegoers cheer, then tower,
Acting in those roles that shake.

Balls and holes which boomer gives;
Settle down, that’s model sense!
There’s no hope which falseness gives -
You’re a head atop this fence…

Right those wrongs conservatives
Implore with agents of design…
Damn those liberal incentives
Which give them pricey meals and wine…

Simple morals make priorities
Rank above disparate issues…
Like those missionary rarities;
And losing rights for errant tissues…

Giving teens and children horror -
Access to that foreign app -
Anxious, suicidal, squalor
In their schools and cities’ map…

Mighty mugs make juicy nuggets.
High above these generations.
Mellow splatters, bitter shrug-its.
Got to see the renovations…

The lily’s light’s a jaded center,
In which the bullish sorts do splinter…
Oftentimes jewels focused, enter.
But these seasons spark a winter…

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