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The beginning of hell........like literally


I lurched forward with a heavy gasp as I found myself staring into the distance. It was the breaking of dawn and cool wind was blowing from one of the open windows. It's been quite some time since I had these nightmares, I used to have them when I was very new to all this and had no idea about what to do, but now.......my dreams are a weird mixture of my past as well as scenarios that I've never even heard of. I wonder if these dreams are what they call, precognitive dreams, but again I've absolutely no idea what to make out of all this.

Light Footsteps in the hallway and a bark brought me back to the reality, with a knock, Aunt Rose opened the door with Perry on her tail.

She's the only person except myself who knows about my past as well as my obscure secret. I believe it's also one of the reasons why she's always been so kind to me.

She's been there for me like my own mother and I've shared my every little quests with her. But I have yet to disclose this return of nightmares to her, which I won't ever be going to do so. At last, it's one of my own problems that I need to solve myself, on top of that, telling her will only trouble me than help me.

She was completely dressed up in one of her ivory shirt dresses with a floral scarf around her neck. A boater adorned her head, her long hair tied back into a tight bun rested on her shoulders. I'm confused, what is going on? It ain't even morning yet unless..........

"Good morning, sweetpea! I hope you haven't forgotten about your lessons, have you?". Perry gave a coy bark as if trying to catch me in my carelessness.

"Lessons? You mean.......it's today? I thought we moved it back a couple of weeks after the news of Ruby getting pregnant". Sweat licked my forehead from the nightmare, as I tried to get a hang of the situation.

"That was the initial plan but Ruby had an early delivery, and fortunately the baby is all cute and healthy as well as his mother. The owner asked me yesterday, if you would like to continue your lessons and guess what? I agreed!". She did a swirl as in an attempt to dance from the excitement but stopped in the middle as she took in my face.

"Why are you sweating hon? I heard yesterday was a chilly night, are you okay? You don't look too good". Worry danced across her face and she started frowning as if contemplating what could have been the cause of my illness.

I wanted to meet the mare as it's been quite a long time since I met her. The last time was when I visited her before her pregnancy, I also wanted to meet the baby. Horseracing was something I was always interested in, but just never had the guts to try it out.

It was only after I met Olivia, a buddy of mine, who's uncle owned a stable nearby my house, asked me if I wanted to try it out. And since then I've been giving up my weekends to learn the sport. At first I was stingy and felt overworked, but as time passed, i bonded with the horses there and now I wait eagerly for the next lesson. But it's been quite a while since I last rode, and now I felt nervous.

"Don't worry, Aunt Rose. It's nothing, I just feel a bit fatigue after last night's event but do not fret, before everything else comes Ruby, I too can't wait to see her!". I assured her, knowing damn too well that my confirmation was the only thing that will make her at peace.

And after how she literally came to wake me, all dressed up and almost dancing in excitement, my wounded heart couldn't dare to deny her


It was starting to get really bright outside with birds chirping to wake the nearby residents of the forest. A light blue hue tinged the clear sky with the bright sun welcoming a new day.

I folded my sheets, straightened the pillows and made my bed like a good child and went to one of the nearby closets to change into my specially tailored emerald green shadbelly, my breeches were a shade of vanilla white which complimented emerald, my wide calf boots that were the colour of dark brown, and made my way downstairs.

Aunt Rose was already waiting at the foyer, with a derby hat in her hand. A wide smile creased her jowls as she looked up and stretched her hands towards me. Something passed in her dewy eyes, something I was very familiar with, as if she was desperate.

She was the only person I've ever loved and........that may not be the same for her, at times, I've seen that similar look, that clearly said that she missed them. Her kids, who had to grow up without their mother, not because their mother is dead but because she is forced to work for someone who is pretty messed up for a human.

If I could, I wouldn't even let her leave me for her to go to her kids, I could have her waiting for me at home, cooking me good food, caring for me....like a mother. But I cannot do that, I can't be the person I abhorred so much. I can't take away a mother from her kids just because of my selfish reasons.

A gulp formed in my throat as I pushed it down and took her hand. She pulled me into a hug and when she looked at me, a proud look fluttered her eyes.

When we reached the stable, a woman whose blonde hair was tied into a slick ponytail, rushed forward and pulled me into a bear hug.

Olivia, one of my closest buddies since a long time. I met her during a rodeo carnival, where she dressed up as a boy to take part in the competition because she thought it was unfair to have two winners, one from the boys and the other from the girls. She believed that the winner could always be one, while others could just be imitators. I was very impressed by her win and eventually we became friends.

"Look at you! You're as beautiful as ever, lark!", she exclaimed happily.

"Please stop with that name, it's been years already and I absolutely hate that name"

"Why not? It's suits you perfectly, a carefree and happy lark. Yep, definitely you"

I sighed which marked my defeat and gave her a warming smile. I felt happy to meet her after such a long time, I absolutely missed her.

I let her show me around the stable, it was her uncle that ran this stable but now that he's away for his oversees equestrian work, it's just Olivia that operated this place.

If it was someone else, it could've been a little overwhelming but since it's her, I believe she can run it as well as her uncle if not better.

In a stall away from the other race horses, was a black mare fastened to the stall. It was a rather big stall than the other ones, maybe cause it stationed two horses now.

My Ruby, a beautiful, black, elegant backed mare, she was something phenomenal. Everytime I looked at her, it was a moment to be captured. Though I haven't spend enough time to know her, there's a connection between us that I like to believe both of us prioritize.

At the sight of me she neighed aggressively, and for a minute I thought maybe she doesn't remember me anymore but as soon as Olivia unfastened her, she galloped towards me and I fell into a hug so dear to me.

She nuzzle against my nape, my hands around her long slender neck. No words could describe how jovial I felt at the time. Her little son peeked his head out as if trying to figure out foe or friend.

As soon as his eyes landed on his mother, he whined and ran giddily towards me and we embraced with the same warmth as before.

Olivia set up a saddle upon the saddle pad. In one swing of a leg, I got onto the seat with my lower back resting against the cantel. My legs rested upon the stirrups on both sides. I never liked to use whips so I didn't need it.

"You sure you'll be alright? You know it's been a while since you did this, need my help?", Olivia asked with a smirk.

"Don't worry about me, you sure you can run this place well on your own? Without your uncle? Need my help?", I returned her smirk and she burst into a cheeky laugh. Aunt Rose stood in the spectators stall, waving at me with the most motherly smile plastered onto her face.

"Well you haven't changed a bit, stubborn as the Mt. Everest. Off you go then, good luck I'll be watching you", said Olivia shaking her head.

"Thanks, I may not be as good as I used to be but I'll sure as heck complete this obstacle course", I replied with confidence.

With a nod Olivia went towards Aunt Rose and I looked at Ruby, she was in very good condition but the reins felt a bit distant. I sighed heavily and whispered to us, "It's been a while but I believe in us, so let's do this Ruby!". She trudged forward as if ready with vigor to start and with my command the horse leaped forward.

The obstacle course was over in a minute. It felt good, it wasn't quite tough but I still felt my touch in this hadn't completely vanished. There were moments when I felt that Ruby was maybe a bit scared since she's a mother now, but I can't blame her. We've both been out of practice.

After brushing Ruby as a reward and bidding Olivia goodbye we returned home. The sun was nearly over our head now.

"You should come every weekend like this, I adore having you here. And don't bail out on me again, promise?"

"Oh come on, it was you who ghosted me and you have the nerve to say this? I promise I'll come every weekend, not to see you but for Ruby", I pulled her into a hug with promises hanging in the air.

We returned home, Aunt Rose congratulated me for not losing my touch and gushed over how proud she was of me. It all felt too good to be true.

It's been quite long since this continued. Whenever something goes on too well for a longer period, it usually doesn't end well, at least for me. It's not exactly going well though if we count the nightmares. Maybe I'm just jinxing it while thinking about it.

We reached the mansion and I saw Gabe, my gardener and the caretaker of the manor, a worried look on his face brought me to reality and the issue that I had completely forgotten about.

His wrinkled face creased further with a frown. His furrowed brows gave him a distressed look.

Even though I knew the cause I asked him,"what's happening Gabe? Is everything alright?"

"Eh, I-I don't know what's going on. George and Genova still aren't eating anything. It's already been more than a month since they last had their fill and now they stay on the complete opposite of each other and don't even spare a bite of the food", he replied with concern.

Accepting the inevitable, I made my way towards the backyard. It was a walkway completely adorned with apple trees, beyond that was a wrought iron gate as if leading to an enchanted forest.

I opened the wrecked gate with the force of my body. It was stuck in place, since it hasn't been used for over a month now. It opened with a grunting and creaking sound. A walkway which was very poorly kept, made way to my destination. Dried leaves and roots of uncut trees covered half of the path. This area was directly connected to the forest and only a measly jammed door separated the manor and the forest.

At a distance I saw the giant glass terrarium where only the top or the ceiling glass was not present. Inside of it were various plants and trees growing as if in a greenhouse. Mobile existence seemed non existent at first but then as I reached nearer, two heads resting on branches on the opposite sides peeked up as if they were only waiting for me.

I was angry with them but as soon I saw their dark crystal eyes, a fear that I had never known surged into me. It reminded me of the past, all the haunting memories and how I was used.

I hated very minute of it. Since that incident I've never been the same, at least they haven't to me.

A vein popped in my jaw as I gritted me teeth. Both the snakes, a shade of reddish brown, came forward as if to greet me. I fisted my hands, crossed them and looked straight into their eyes as I had, so bravely in the past.

An eerie male voice spoke in my head and I retched internally as I tried to register it's speech.

"Larcccia, thank you for coming. We've been waiting for you.", I closed my eyes unable to look anymore.

This time a much smoother and lighter voice spoke up.

"Though you're late, we ssstill appreciate you coming to us. Also we are grateful to you for offering us food but we cannot accept it, that is until you listen to usss....", It spoke with a light lisp, same as the one before.

Not the same shit as before! It's already been too long for them to be stuck on that unreasonable prophecy.

It hasn't been that long since I met George and Genova. One night when I was returning home completely drunk and wasted, I saw two snakes hanging from one of my apple trees in my backyard. Both of them were completely bruised and battered but after I helped them recover, they spoke up a likely prediction:

"When the seven gods of hell unite,

You must take on the monster.

Cause if you fail to do so,

You'll have your life to offer."

At first I believed it was nothing to be worried about. Maybe it's just a caricature but even if it's true, I'm all powerful now and I'm not that measly, lanky, scared kid anymore.

After they both recovered they pleaded to stay with me and after all these years, it was the first time in a while, for me to converse with snakes. I realized I've still got the curse.

At first I was hungry for information that I could get, but one day I realized what I had been doing. I was trying to dig up my horrible past, for what? I didn't care anymore about it so I distanced myself from the snakes even though I visited them at times.

I winced as I reminisced the horrible prophecy spoken by the two snakes in front of me. It was getting weirdly dark outside even though it was just the afternoon. The clouds from all the corners hid the sun and covered the entire sky. Heavy wind was blowing as if the brewing of a storm.

But that's impossible! We're in the middle of march!

Suddenly my feet went cold, almost freezing. I rubbed my hands together to keep them warm but to no good. It was just sunny a while ago but now it was chillier than the winter months.

A white fog draped the entire area, the birds chirping merrily a moment ago, dropped dead from the cold. An eerie feeling set over the forest and I looked over at George and Genova, both of their eyes were fixed upon me.

"What is happening? Why were you waiting for me? What do you want!?", I asked getting frustrated. My chest heaved up and down, from the bitter cold as well as from anticipation.

Nothing. They didn't answer and just stared at me. But suddenly when I looked up, their pupils turned purple and a blaze danced around their iris. This time they both spoke aloud at the same time in an eerie voice, the same way they did an year ago.

"You will travel to the command of the king of lust,

Beware of the good and who you trust.

A conquest in disguise will decide your fate,

But for you it's the devil himself who awaits"

I felt chills down my spine, this didn't happen during the first time. Both the snakes slouched and layed unmoving, as if almost lifeless.

I couldn't speak, as if bounded by a spell. Without a single word I ran away, the cold was getting stronger. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed. Dried leaves crunched under my feet as I made my way out of the forest. It seemed to take a lot longer to exit tge forest tgan it did to enter.

I was walking at a strong pace when suddenly in front of me was a huge pit, as if someone recently dug it. But as far as I could remember, there was no pit when I came.

It seemed more like a deep hole and no one could do this in such a short time. I couldn't see the end of the pit, it seemed endless. That's just me hallucinating, right?

A nearby bush shook vigorously and I was prepared for a wild animal attack. I mean how more crazy can this day get? It stopped almost instantly and from my behind I felt a strong knuckle in the back of my knee, my legs gave out and I fell face front into the abyss.

I fell and as darkness consumed me, we became one. And as time passed, I fell endlessly into the pit. Light faded into the distance, leaving me helpless and vulnerable in the lair of demons.

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