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by Val
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Between East and West
Holy fools
and vagabond children of Gods we were

we asked gentlemen of the road
"Can you tell me where is home?"

Some pointed to the right
Some to the left

On the right, roses on the ash
weeping artists on the thorned wires
fasting hermits tiny like a hay

on the right, emotions’ shield breaks
on the right, few ancient hearts consoled us

On the left,
gentlemen with bent-spines
holy crazy boys and girls cheeping in trains
dressed-with-armor girls and boys too!
On the left, nature’s shield breaks
mind tried to console us

Holy fools we were
we asked gentlemen of society
Can you tell us where is home?

Some said at the gentlemen of the jury’s
some said with the gentlemen of the jewelry
We saw ugly things there too!
weeping women tied like decoys in their beds
pain in their necks

Innocent children we are!
When they hated or conditioned love
we did not take side
when they insulted
Fall came, we turned pale, and walked away
When they harmed
we cowered under our skins not to loose sleep in our beds
the guitar of our heart got a broken string

right and left
west and east both had cowardice games
Loyalty games too
We walked away from both

holy fools
hopeless ills and wanderers we were
Almost, we became fools and got crushed in first line

Then we raised our eyes,
saw sisters of mercy dancing in the clouds
pointing down towards nature, and up towards to the unknown “we know where is home, but we can’t tell you where’s home.”

We trusted again, travelled up and down
north and south

In nature
Lilacs laid their tassels for to climb on
pine trees held us on their topmost towards sky
oceans ushered us to surf on their salty waves
dryads anchored our trust

In sky,
stars guided us
Goddesses lent us their hairs to climb on
We walked to the depths
then, silence and peace

Like a smile on an infant’s face
In a breeze through the cosmos’ centre-point
In a light in the centre of dark solar stars
We found peace

We are home now!
Home is like a mother’s womb
total freedom
heavenly resort

At home,
we sing
transform cosmic sufferings into bliss

If we did not breathe, where do you think the breeze would come from?

The fool ceased in nature’s consolation
The holy vanished in the spiral dance
The sorrowful vagabond became a peaceful king

Now, we are at home
beautiful and sublime

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