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Fabulous Fantasy Contest - 38 Lines - Prompt #1 - July 2023

It was a wild ride; this dream I had;
Emerging inside my head were many
Dragons. With a pirate's anchor guiding
The sea, they came out from the water
Chewing bubble gum, as the boat sailed
On by. Waving all eight arms frantically
About, an octopus seemed angry when it
Appeared within sight. This scene was
Causing the waves to rise high above the

Trying to get through, I was splishing and
Splashing about; I caused an uproar so
loud that it created quite a raucous.
Everybody knew something strange and
weird was coming up from out of the sea.
Was this an actual reality, or wasn't it? If it
wasn't real, I couldn't partake of it. If it
were real, I couldn't believe it. Why on
earth couldn't I find some relief? It was just
a dream that made me sing.

Two mermaids jumped from the water;
As they danced around the shower curtain,
it was a certainty that the storm stirred them
Up. This fantasy gave me a wild ride; it
Took me to places I'd never been; until now,
I couldn't decipher the differences between
Us; it would pave the way to lasting
happiness that's here to stay.

Able to deter us from all wrongs, we'll be
Stronger, you will see. When we run for
candidacy, we'll remember this fantasy.

Allowing this monstrosity to enter my dreams,
Isn't what it seems; it's a way of escape. With
all sorts of gladness, our smiles will be beaming;
it will be the end of all the madness.

A wild ride, this fantasy of mine; even though
it blasted me out of reality, it was great
While it lasted, I knew that it was only a dream.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, July 14, 2023

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