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The right to prosper for peace and will - will it ever end? A rhyming poem.
A severity of quantity,
Godly to the hilt -
Never seeming dainty;
Truth’s the unborn’s guilt.

Courage of a lifeline;
Ably taking charge…
Double-thinking Frankenstein.
Traits - a staging sarge…

Time to feel the strain
That baby feels inside -
Adept at seeking gain;
Humans filled with glide;

Go ahead and terminate -
The offense has to quit.
But doesn’t wilt or obfuscate -
That logic of a twit.

Strive for sense of happiness;
Burrow human gleanings…
Label it as emptiness…
Ain’t no further meanings…

Coupled with expenses,
Hurling wispy debts.
These are borrowed senses.
Dreamt-of timely bets.

A humankind extended,
Meeting every need;
All their wounds upended.
Dodgers take the lead! 

Doris of society,
Capping up a cloud;
Is it impropriety?
Should we speak aloud?

Don’t be so impugned.
Celebrate the majesty;
Each one’s queen festooned;
No one is a travesty!

Especially the mother
Whose values steer the ship;
Each one helps the other;
Every soul’s a blip…

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