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Daily Flash Fiction 9/27/23 W/C 192

I am sitting at my desk at 5 AM. The worst time of day. Nothing happening in the house. All is dark, save the lone light over papers strewn about. Shadows everywhere hide all the room’s mess.

An assignment due in a few hours looms large in my brain. ‘What to write, what to say,’ keeps whirling round and round. This online course will be the death of me.

Then suddenly it’s as if Aristotle and Plato, along with Euclid’s plane geometry, are rearranging my brain cells. I have to reorder my way of thinking. I have to use logic. Triangles, circles, paragraphs, and commas appear before my eyes, morphing into a modern art display worthy of Picasso or some other master.

‘You made the write decision,’ pops into my mind. Where did that thought come from? Write or right?

So I write my assignment, for once thinking of logic, theory and grammar. All the tools of a writer. Copy and paste. Send it to the class. Pray for the instructor to understand my premise, see the creativity.

A few hours later, a reply from the instructor. “You made the ‘write’ decision.”

W/C 192

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