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Why do things need 2 go all 2 hell b4 u c the Angel that was under your nose all along?
In the quiet of the night,
under the stars and the moonlight,
I see your face, shining so bright
You're My Angel, my guiding light
You're My Angel
in every way.
In your arms,
I long to stay.
Your love lifts me higher,
takes me away.
You're My Angel,
every single day.

When I'm lost and can't be found,
when silence is the only sound,
Your love comes around,
like a melody so profound
You're My Angel
in the darkest night
With you by my side
everything feels right
Your love is like a song,
sung in soft twilight
You're My Angel,
my endless delight

I don't know what I did to deserve you
But I thank God everyday for sending me to you
You're more than a dream come true
You're a miracle
You're My Angel

In the canvas of the sky,
where dreams are soaring high
Your love is the tie,
that binds me to this lullaby

You're My Angel,
my saving grace
In every moment,
in every place
Your love is a story,
written in space
You're My Angel,
with the sweetest embrace.

So here's to you,
and the love that's due
To my angel so true
I sing this song to you

You're My Angel
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