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by Naomi
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My song on my 18th Birthday Years Ago A song popularized by Pilita Corales
A Million Thanks To You
My Love

It was many years ago , on September 16, when I celebrated my birthday for the first time to have a party.

It was also my first time to live in the City to study College and I was staying with my three older sisters.

In the province, during my birthday, Mama usually cooks a whole native chicken , boiling it and add slices of ginger, slices of lemon grass stalks and season with a little salt added with few malunggay leaves. My favorite special request birthday meal. Papa usually did some grilling of fresh tuna which he and my brother caught fishing at dawn.Served with boiled corngrits and Sweet Ripe Mangoes sliced as a Dessert.
No Coca Cola for any of our Birthday that means my siblings and me. For us, it is a special taste from Heaven.

In the city at 18, usually there was a debut party but at that time no one in my sisters celebrated a Formal Debut Party. Living in the province I never attended one.

My three older sisters wanted to surprise me. They prepared so much food thru catering services. I had no friends in the city but I had a cousin whose father was a pure Chinese. My cousin helped my sisters organizing a surprise party for me.

I was in school the whole day and when I arrived at 5 pm there were already decorated chairs and tables as well as a long buffet table.
There were cold coca cola drinks and plenty of assorted fruits.

There was a live band too arranged by my cousin. They were singing Happy Birthday as I entered the gate.

Truly, I was surprised. My cousin did not know that I can sing. His friends were singing the Beatles and many songs that are Tagalog or Pilipino. It was an all male band of 5 performers.

After the early dinner , my older sister Eve announced
" Now may we hear from the birthday celebrant " and she gave me the microphone.

" T hank You Dearest Sisters fo for this first birthday party of my life.
Thank. You Cousin Jimmy for these wonderful singers. "
Then I approached the guitarist " May I borrow your guitar ?"

He gave me his guitar and I started strumming it. The guests of my sisters as well as my cousin Jimmy' s guests were in complete silence as I said :

" After this song of mine, I will go to my room . I have an exam tomorrow. My sister Eve told me there will be Disco dancing after dinner , Enjoy Everyone. I do not dance. I sing and this song I usually sing it for Papa and Mama as well as to my three younger brothers
Nelson, Jerey and Eldie Boy , but since I am here, this song is for all of you."
Nobody clapped their hands. Complete Silence. Then I started singing:

" The day you came along with your
My heart began to sing dear
A million thanks to you my love "
A warm applause. My cousin Jimmy yelled !
" You can sing beautifully. Join us in our
band . "

I did not mind him and continued my singing while strumming the guitar.

" Dearest one, I owe my life to you
You made my dreams come true
A million Thanks to you.

On this day, my heart begins to sing
For all this happiness,
I never knew before. "

Then with highest notes, I gave my all
with feelings.

" The day you came along with your
My heart began to sing dear
A million thanks to You my love. "

I gave back his guitar as everyone gave me a warm applause.
I said goodnight. My cousin Jimmy told me that they have gifts for me and I told him to give it to my older sisters and I will open it tomorrow. I yelled Thank You and made my exit.

I eventually became friends to my cousins friends but I always put a distance telling them I was busy with my studies.

That was my first birthday party so for me it will forever be remembered.

About the song:
The original singer is Pilita Corrales. She is from our place Cebu Philippines. She is of the same age.as our Papa.
I met her in person when I worked in the city and she is very pretty as a Filipina Spanish beauty.
She is petite in comparison to me who is 5 feet 9 inches.
She sings so beautifully with wonderful bended body as she sings.
She is one of my favorite artists.

Thank You Lord for Everything.

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