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by Sky
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Just a short story, not really horror or anything, just a small thrill.
Anne was devastated. She shut the door behind her, tears still streaming from her eyes. As she leaned back on her bedroom door, Ryan started banging the door loudly. Anne could hear his voice screaming insults. She slid down the door sobbing as the banging got louder. But she knew it was for the best. This was the worst fight she had ever imagined with her boyfriend of 2 years, Ryan. Recently, they had been bickering over the smallest things, and it kept getting worse. It was affecting her both physically and mentally. So, she broke up with him. Hoped it was the right thing to do.
Anne still watched Ryan in the cafeteria in school, he sat alone eating lunch. But he never used to be alone before. Strange.
This continued for days, Ryan would talk to no one. Not even the teachers. The teachers did not talk to him either. What was wrong?
One day, Anne decided to keep aside her ego and ask Ryan what was going on. But as she walked up to him, he stood up and ran away. What was this guy's problem?
On a rainy Sunday, Anne was busy helping her parents tie stacks of newspapers. As she was tying a stack, her eyes fell on a news article; a 17-year-old boy murdered. Her curiosity grew as she read ahead. Her eyes widened at what she read. The 17-year-old boy who was murdered was...Ryan! Her eyes quickly glanced at the date in the newspaper.
29th of August. But wait, she thought, wasn't it the 13th of September today? If Ryan was dead last month, who had she been seeing at school?

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