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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2309029
NOT a Mikasa-bashing fic. Just Ymir and Krista/Historia having a bit of fun with Mikasa...
Important: This is NOT a Mikasa-bashing fic, it's a fetish-based fic containing foot worship, boobplay and assplay.


It was hard enough to find recreational activities on site during training with the 104th. Fighting boredom was a normal problem. But for Ymir and Christa, they had their own way of entertainment. Both were sitting across from each other one night, alone in one of the rooms. They looked into a small box that contained a rather peculiar item, or rather series of items; a sock collection.

"I forget, do we have two pairs from Sasha and one from Annie, or two pairs from Annie and one from Sasha?" Christa asked.

"I'm pretty sure these are both from Sasha," Ymir replied.

It was just a box filled with socks. First they had two from Sasha. Then a pair from Annie. As well as a pair from Mina, Hanna, and Hitch. That many pairs of worn socks definitely build up an odor within the box, but in the short time the two girls took up this hobby, one girls' socks eluded them...Mikasa Ackerman herself.

"Well duh," Christa said, "She's not easy to catch."

"Yeah," Ymir said, "Plus she rarely takes her socks off, so we can't just slip them out of her drawers like some of these other girls."

"So how do we get them?" asked Christa.

"We'll need a bit more of a direct approach for her..."

Later that night, Mikasa was getting back from training. She had been helping Eren out due to him having a hard time with some of the training gear, so the two of them were getting back to their cabins a little late. Most of the others were already asleep due to the long day they had. Christa and Ymir, however, had snuck out some time ago, with Ymir bringing a special tool to help them obtain the Ackerman girl's socks.

"How exactly did you plan to do this?" Christa whispered to her partner in crime.

"Watch and learn," Ymir replied.

Christa saw Ymir pulling out a suspicious cloth from her back pocket, not really sure what it was. Couldn't have been too harmful if it was just a fabric that people used regularly.

Though Mikasa was a strong girl, even she could get exhausted from a day of training. Not to mention despite the intensity of the training, there was a certain sense of security being here, away from Titans. Hence, Mikasa was starting to relax a bit more. Which gave Ymir the perfect window of opportunity to sneak up from behind Mikasa and place the cloth over her face.

"What the...HMMPPHH?" Mikasa squawked.

Christa watched in confusion as Mikasa kicked her legs out while Ymir was doing...whatever it was she was doing. What was a cloth going to do to get Mikasa's socks? As the seconds passed by, she noticed Mikasa losing energy, her kicks getting weaker and her arms falling to her side. Mikasa's breaths became more relaxed as her eyelids seemed to be fluttering, unable to stay open. Her pupils started rolling towards the back of her head, showing mostly just the whites of her eyes.

"oooo.....mmmm...." Mikasa moaned.

Her arms dangled limply as her legs finally turned to jelly. She fell to her side as Ymir dragged her backwards.

"Let's hurry," Ymir said, dragging her behind the cabin onto the dirt ground.

Christa followed behind, confused as to why Mikasa now seemed to be immobile. Ymir dragged Mikasa down the steps and placed her flat on the ground. Christa looked over and saw that Mikasa was actually asleep! Well, unconscious was more like the word. She could hear some of Mikasa's low, purr-like snores the closer she got.

"What did you do?" Christa asked.

"Chloroform," Ymir asked, "She'll be fine, just needed to knock her out to get her socks. Help me get her boots off.

With Ymir taking one foot, Christa grabbed the other and lifted her foot up ever so slightly, undoing the buckles and slowly pulling them off. Both girls cast the pair of boots to the side as they came across the sight of Mikasa's white but sweat-soaked socks.

"Is it just me," Christa wondered, "Or do they look a little gray to you?"

"She's been on her feet all day, basically," Ymir said, "She's bound to have worked up a sweat."

Ymir tugged at the tip of Mikasa's sock, encouraging Christa to do the same. Christa gulped nervously, never having done this sort of thing before. She began to wonder if Ymir was used to doing this sort of thing or not. Those wonders were gone once Christa tugged at Mikasa's sock, slowly revealing a reddish heel that had been on the ground nearly all day. Christa was already blushing at her heel, even more so when she pulled off more of her sock revealing creamy (albeit sweaty) soles, slowly followed by equally sweaty arches. Finally, after Christa took one final breath of confidence, she completely pulled the sock off, revealing Mikasa's toes; long and slender, yet just a bit bubbly and perfectly round at the top. However, Christa noticed that once her socks were off and her toes were out in the open air....

"Ymir," Christa said, "Her feet..."

"Yes, I see them too," Ymir said smiling, "I pulled off this sock in a second and just watched you take your time with it."

"That's...not quite what I meant."

"What else did you mean?" asked Ymir.

"Well....Mikasa...um...her feet stink."

Ymir giggled.

"That's what bothering you?" asked Ymir, "You're not gonna let a little foot sweat stop you from enjoying her feet, are you?"

"Wha-what? But we already have her socks, we..."

"Don't lie to me, Christa," Ymir said, "I saw the way you were mesmerized by her feet. Particularly her toes...you want them."

Christa gulped as she looked back down at Mikasa's unpainted toes. She really was mesmerized by her natural toenails and how easy they would be to slip into her mouth. Christa was ecstatic just from the sight and the smell. Surely the taste would be just as delightful. Christa inched in closer as she held Mikasa's foot up, brushing her fingers against Mikasa's soft but sweaty soles. As two drops of Mikasa's foot sweat trailed down Christa's fingers, her toes were brought up to Christa's lips as she placed soft kisses on the tips of her toes, feeling how soft her skin was. Those soft kisses quickly changed to Christa slipping Mikasa's big toe into her mouth, her eyes rolling backwards as she sucked on her toe.

Ymir, meanwhile, had been staring at Mikasa's sleeping face, listening to her soft, purring snores. Mikasa's lips were slightly parted and her bangs covered part of her eyes. Curious, Ymir used her index finger and thumb to open Mikasa's eyelid, seeing that her pupil darted upward towards the back of her head, just exposing the whites of her eyes. Giggling to herself, Ymir let go of Mikasa's eyes, instead moving them over to her nose, plugging her nostrils. Ymir must have held it down for nearly a minute, because for the first few seconds, Mikasa stopped snoring. Then in the next moment, her snores became muffled in her nose. After that minute, Mikasa's slightly parted mouth opened wide up, letting out a loud, wheezy snore and exposing her pearly white teeth and constricted tongue.

Ymir had also been observing Mikasa's breasts rising up and down with her snores. They weren't ridiculously huge, but they had the perfect roundness that Ymir enjoyed on a woman's body. Ymir looked over and, as she suspected, Christa was occupied with sucking on Mikasa's toes, so Ymir went ahead and started unbuttoning Mikasa's shirt. As she pulled apart the white fabric of her shirt, she saw cleavage in between the surprisingly pink bra that Mikasa wore underneath. Ymir had moved her hands past Mikasa's sides and unhooked the bra, slipping it off and watched as Mikasa's supple breasts bounced revealing pink nipples.

"So that's what she's hiding underneath," Ymir said to herself.

Ymir wasted no time leaning in, nibbling on Mikasa's right nipple while using her hand to cup Mikasa's left breast. Her breast felt like marshmallows in her hands, and almost how they felt as Ymir stopped nibbling and began sucking on her right breast, yanking it back and forth with her sucking motions, her own nipples getting harder as she sucked on Mikasa's breast flesh.

Christa, meanwhile, had been sucking off Mikasa's toes for a good few minutes now. She had noticed, then, that there had been some traces of dirt and dried sweat between her toes. Probably from wearing socks most of the time. Christa felt the nice thing to do was to get those clean for her as well. Her tongue slithered between Mikasa's big toe and index toe, wrapping around it as her saliva soaked into Mikasa's toe digits. Christa didn't notice herself blushing as her tongue slithered between her toes, but she was anyway. Her mind was focused solely on the grimy but pleasant taste of her toes, making her feel all giddy inside. Her tongue went up and down Mikasa's toes like a wave, taking her time cleaning between the toes.

Ymir had released Mikasa's breast from her mouth, satisfied with Mikasa's boobs. But there was one other thing she wanted to check up on.

"Heads up, Christa," Ymir said, "I'm flipping her over."

Christa had just removed her tongue from between the ring toe and the pinky toe on Mikasa's right foot when Ymir pushed on Mikasa's shoulders and flipped her over, now asleep on her stomach. Christa had now been treated to Mikasa's sweaty soles, putting them in her lap as Ymir moved towards Mikasa's butt. Being a considerably fit girl, Mikasa's butt looked perfectly round and stuck out from the rest of her body. Ymir caressed her butt for a brief moment, feeling just how firm her bottom was. Squats had been doing her good favors, it seemed. Ymir didn't need to undo all the straps on her legs; she only needed to get her pants down a bit. So after reaching under Mikasa's limp torso (and feeling her hand brush past her covered snatch), Ymir unbuckled her pants and slowly pulled them down, gradually revealing Mikasa's round, creamy, panty-clad butt. The panties were partially wedged between her cheeks, but that wouldn't be much more of a problem.

Christa held Mikasa's soles in her lap, caressing her finger along them and feeling a couple of sweat drops follow her fingertips. Christa still did not understand how Mikasa didn't wake up; Christa herself knew her own feet were quite ticklish, so she had assumed everyone else's would be, too. She rubbed her fingers in between her toes, wiping the sweat drop off in her own saliva left from cleaning her toe digits. She then dug her thumbs in the base of her foot, feeling just how much flesh was on them. The rest of her fingers moved her soles closer to Christa's face so that the smell of Mikasa's sweaty soles filled her nostrils.

Ymir was practically drooling as she used her index and middle fingers to pull on Mikasa's panties, pulling them down completely and fully exposing Mikasa's bare ass. With Mikasa unconscious and Christa distracted, Ymir gave Mikasa's ass a slap, watching her firm cheeks bounce a bit. She smiled and began digging her fingers into the meaty flesh of Mikasa's bum. She caressed her soft and warm butt, inching her face closer between her butt crack, watching it zoom in closer and closer until Ymir's face was pressed into the butt. Her nose wiggled around, inhaling the tangy aroma of Mikasa's butt, savoring the moment as her butt cheeks were squished into her face.

Christa had been smelling Mikasa's soles for so long she became used to the odor. Hence, she didn't even think twice when she started licking the balls of her feet. There were no callouses, and they still had the same pleasantly salty taste as her toes, so Christa was quite pleased. Her tongue soaked the balls of Mikasa's feet before she ran them up and down her soles, licking up all the sweat from her pores. Christa's eyes rolled back as she sucked down the vinegary saltlick that was Mikasa's soles, in a complete state of euphoria. Christa then licked Mikasa's heels, noting how they were much rougher than the rest of her feet. She was probably on her heels much more often. But her pink heels still had the same addicting taste that Christa was slurping up and that satisfied her cravings.

Ymir had finished smelling between Mikasa's butt cheeks a while ago and observed Christa licking away at Mikasa's feet. She smiled, correctly guessing Christa would enjoy this activity. But she could sense that one of the boys would come around soon or the chloroform might wear off. Either way, they had to get Mikasa inside safely and quickly. Good thing Christa had just finished licking her heels and then caught her breath.

"We should get her to bed," Ymir said, "We've got what we need at this point."

"Y-Yeah," Christa said, "Okay."

Ymir had wrapped her arms around Mikasa's waist and threw her over her shoulder, giving her bare ass a good, firm smack as she kept her arm wrapped firmly around her thighs.

"Be a good dear and pick up her boots," Ymir said.

"O-Okay!" Christa exclaimed.

Christa had already put Mikasa's socks in her pockets for them to add to their collection, but held her boots in one hand. She didn't know why Ymir kept Mikasa's pants pulled down, or her shirt unbuttoned, but they got what they needed. They quickly and quietly went back inside their cabin. Christa went to put Mikasa's socks in their collection box while Ymir tossed Mikasa into her bed, quickly snapping her bra back on before pulling up her underwear and pants. Her clothes were still disheveled, but everything she was wearing before she was chloroformed was back on her, except her boots and socks, the former of which Christa had put by Mikasa's bed.

"There," Ymir said, "We got her socks...and then some."

"Will she remember any of this?" Christa asked.

"Not before being knocked out," Ymir replied, "If anyone asks, we found her passed out and carried her to her bunk."

Christa nervously agreed, nodding her head yes.

"Good night, Christa," Ymir said, climbing up to her own bunk.

"Good night, Ymir," Christa replied, getting into her own.

It didn't take long for Christa to go to sleep that night, despite the excitement that transpired. And her last thought before drifting into slumber was the succulent taste of Mikasa's toes giving her pleasant dreams.
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