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I took second in a contest, I'm kinda happy. So I decided to write a Nigerian based poem
In Nigeria's heart, where nature holds sway,
Beneath the emerald canopy's verdant ray,
A symphony of life unfolds with grace,
A tapestry of beauty, a sacred space.

The sun's golden fingers caress the leaves,
As zephyrs whisper secrets through the trees,
A chorus of birdsong fills the air,
A melody of nature, beyond compare.

The river Niger, a lifeline so grand,
Meanders through the land, a fertile strand,
Its waters nourish the crops so green,
A vibrant landscape, a painter's dream.

From bustling cities to villages serene,
Nigeria's soul vibrates with life's keen,
A mosaic of cultures, a tapestry so bright,
A land of warmth and welcome, a radiant light.

In markets teeming with vibrant hues,
A symphony of colors, the air infuses,
Laughter and chatter, a joyful sound,
Where life's rhythm pulsates, all around.

From ancient traditions to modern art,
Nigeria's spirit shines, a beating heart,
A land of resilience, a land of pride,
Where dreams take flight, where hope abides.

Beneath the emerald canopy, life takes its stand,
A land of beauty, a land so grand,
Nigeria's legacy, forever strong,
A nation that sings, a nation that belongs.

Beneath the Niger's flow, a legacy takes flight,
In the spirit of resilience, burning ever so bright.
From the depths of history, where warriors once stood,
A testament to courage, a lineage understood.

In Nigeria's heart, where the Niger's waters flow,
A land of promise, where dreams take root and grow.
A symphony of voices, where unity takes stand,
A nation of resilience, where hope fills the land.
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