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Writing exercise. Playing with Dialogue.
"You bout killed us!"
"That truck came out of nowhere, man! What was I supposed to do?"
"Let's not fight dearies, we're alright."
"I tell you what, you weren't supposed to run over the damn light pole!"
"Did you not see the old woman on the corner? It was either the light pole, or her!"
"Can see now how ya done lost yer damn license. You can't drive with shit!"
"Look, I'm sorry about the truck, alright. But I couldn't avoid it! That guy jumped the curb, drove into our lane...what else should have I done?"
"You could have paid attention to'em and noticed the idjit was on his damn cell phone and given him room!"
"What, from half a mile away?!"
"Why is that so hard?! I saw him!"
"Alright, that's enough out of you two! We're still alive! The truck can be fixed! No one was hurt! Calm down or I swear I'm going to clobber both of you!"
"You're gonna pay for the truck."
"I will, pay for the truck, I promise."
"Still don't know how, yer too damn poor to even pay attention."

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