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Now what??
Hi hon, how was your day?

It was good, thanks, and yours?

Well, I ran into Steve, and I got surprised with a gift.

Oh, really? What is it?

I have no idea. He kind of gave it to me as he was leaving, so I put it in my pocket.

You mean you've been toting it all afternoon, not knowing what it was?

Yeah, pretty much.

Well, do you want to see it now?

Not really. I'm uncomfortable with this. Steve and I haven't been a "thing" for 2 years, and now he does this?

Well, then, throw it away, and problem solved.

I don't know if it is that is as clear cut as that, Mark.

Well, why not? Look, Julie - just open the gift and get over it already.

You're right, I'm just being silly - I'll just throw it away.

Woah, that is a small box - is it jewelry? When was the last time you saw Steve?

I told you - we broke up 2 years ago, and I haven't seen him until today at lunch. It was a passing thing, really.

Here, give me the box...

Ok, here you go, but don't read too much into it ok?

Well, it is a pair of metal chopsticks.

Chopsticks? Really?

You're smiling. Is it really over with Steve?

Oh, come on Mark - Steve and I used to go out for Chinese all the time. We joked about getting chopsticks that weren't just "throw away". But that's been some time ago. Just throw them away, please. I'm sorry I told you about the present.

I'm kind of sorry as well, because I got you a "stocking stuffer" too.

Oh, may I have it?

Oh! Chopsticks! This is just too much!

Well, you do like your Chinese food.

I like yours so much better. Here, I'll just throw away Steve's set, and use the set you gave me. Thank you so much, Mark.

Merry Christmas, Julie.

Merry Christmas, Mark.

Should we order in some Chinese now?

Written for the Dialogue 500 Dec. 2023.
WC - 335
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