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The watch and riders of the Queen Marissa have found out that the proxy queen rode here
Jondus Gia town watch
Mea Fian tpwn watch archer
Dera Fin Watch commander
Elsa Mucoon Tabius wife

         The watch was concerned that the Queen had made her get away from the kingdom by

using secret passages that only the Royalty should have known about. She had gone down the

passage to the stables in the east of the castle's main gate. She acquired a carriage to carry her to

the rear door to the kingdom. It was nestled in a wooded region of the castle.

         The guards at this gate seemed unconcerned as they saw the watch appear. The

guards turned about startled seeing them. The horses had been ridden hard. The guards drew

up their weapons to stop their ride. One of the archers drew up an arrow from his quiver to

watch them. They rode high in their saddles, they appeared confident. The archer saw in the

shadows one of the rider's face. It was his friend he lowered his bow.

         Jondus was their captain looked at the archer as he did this and asked, "What is the

meaning of this happening? Do you know the riders?"

         "I know them. They are the watch." Mea said as he looked at Jondus, a smile slithered

across his mouth.

         The members of the watch dismounted their horses. The man the archer knew said,"Dera

of the watch and other members of the watch, have you seen anyone ride here in a carriage with an

escort of men." Dera put the gloves he wore into his belt as he walked toward the guards three other

members of his liege joined him.

         “Why are you here? We seldom see you unless something has happened that you have a

belief that someone used this entrance to leave or arrive in the kingdom?” Mea said as he began to

climb down from where he was. He looked as if he was expecting some kind of trouble to arrive

here. He shook his head.

         Dera's hulking form made Mea fearful, Dera extended his hand to him. Mea said,”I say

again, why are you here?”

         “Did you have a carriage ride here?” Dera asked, as he took his hand.

         “Yes, we did. Why?” Mea said.

         “I fear we have been duped by the viceroy. He had placed a false queen upon on throne. This

coach was carrying a fake queen, The imposter who took over our throne. Did you try to stop the

carriage from going through the gates,” Dera said as he spat to wipe his mouth with the back of his


         “What do you mean, the fake queen? That is impossible,” Mea said as he thought about this.

         "]I felt something was wrong with the queen, but no one seemed to believe me. Did they?”

Dera said as he looked into the disbelieving eyes of Mea.

         “Well, your belief was right. How could this have happened to the Queen. Who would dare to

do this,” Mea said as his eyes did not waver from where they rested upon him.

         “The viceroy and their council did this. They had sent Queen Marissa away from the kingdom.

We did not know this at the time,” Dera said as he made a bridge with his hands.

         “The viceroy!” Mea said in disbelief as he put his hand not the pommel of his sword, “What

do you mean the viceroy? I thought he was to protect the Queen. How does this protect the Queen?”

         “I don’t know,”Dera said.

         “Yes, we did see a carriage as it rode through here. There was escort of four horsemen and

two coachmen on the carriage. It passed through here hours ago. They were certainly moving when

they came here. It did appear odd."

         “Did you see where they went?” Dera said as he saw Mea shudder at the thought of this


         “To the east, I am afraid.”

         “Did you see the coachmen?”

         “I think I recognized one who was Tabius?”

         “Tabuis you say?” Dera said he knew of Tabius he thought he was a good man, anyone can

be bought with enough coins.

         “Yes." Mea said.


         Dera walked back to the castle to go to the Royal chamber, he needed to see Grey Arm to

tell him what has happened here? What the outcome was.{{/i}

         He saw the guards stationed at the door, they blocked his way. Until he said,"I have been at

the rear entrance of the castle. Let me in. I have to see Grey Arm now!"

         "He is not here, he is at his home now. Getting some sleep. Which is what I think you should

do as well. Get some sleep." the guard said as he looked into the face of Dera. His face was twisted

in anguish that he was feeling.

         "Tell him to find me, I have some information for his ears alone."

         "I will, get some sleep now.."

         Dera turned and walked to his home.


         “Let us pay him a visit,” Dera said as he turned about ride back inside the castle, “Go to the

east, see if we can catch up on the carriage.”

         Dera climbed back onto his steed to ride back to Tabius to see what he could learn from his

wife. From what he knew, they galloped back to the community to get to his wife. Her house was

small, it was dark. She must be asleep. The door was walnut. There were windows to the front of the

house. Dera dismounted he walked toward the house looking at the door. He lifted his huge right

hand to rap at the door. His hand fell heavily on the door., He wished he did not have to do this, but

he had to wake her,

          Dera knew that she would no doubt be a sleep, now. But he would have to wake her. He

knew this he walked to her door rapped on ir. The door shuttered beneath his hand. He drove his

hand down on the door again. He saw a movement in the window he thought he saw her face peek

out through the curtain was lifted. He smiled, he saw a candle that was lit and a face of a aged

woman peering out the window to see Dera. She lifted the latch to the door. She eased the door open

as she looked at him, and asked, What is the meaning of this?”

         “Elsa, I am here because of Tobius. I know he was left the community a little while ago?”

Dera said as he looked into her grey eyes.

         Her hand holding the candle faltered, she brought her hand up to her mouth she quickly

looked away from him, “I don’t know, where he has gone?”

         “Do you know anything about what he was doing?” Dera said as he put a hand on her

forearm. He eased her back inside her home there were three chairs in the kitchen. She sat down

on a chair to look at him. Elsa said, as she put her hand on her other hand "What do you want?

         She looked into his eyes, and said,“I know he was paid s great deal for what he was doing.

He told me, that he would be away for quite some time,”

         “Who was he seeing last night?”

         “I don’t know.” she said.

         "I have to know its in regards to the Queen," Dera asked, he wondered as he looked at her,

}Did the guards forget to tell Greyarm what I said.


         The other members of the watch raced off after the carriage. They did not feel at ease doing

this. They knew that needed to find the carriage and its riders. The horses rode at a gallop toward

the east where they been told it had go after the carriage

"Yet Another Kind of Inkwhat the watch will learn
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