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This a brif story about how I see him. I can't tell so here I am.
Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things in life, but accepting it is more difficult. The fear of rejection is real (I've felt it). Now, about him.

I don't actually know him fully, but from what I do know, he's incredibly beautiful, charming, cute, adorable, and dashing (and every other adjective that can express how good he looks). In fact, I think he doesn't even realize how good-looking he is. Also, he looks very pretty in pink (I don't know if 'pretty' can be used for boys xD); he could be the one you'd use to describe how good pink looks on men. And his smile, it's therapy for me. I fell for him when I saw him smile (he doesn't even know that). He seems dominating but in a sweet way. He's mature enough to handle moods without even knowing what happened. And his voice, oh my God! He has a deep, calm voice; if he were to scream, people like me might cry. But if he tries to talk you out of something or have a conversation with someone, there's a big chance that the person might fall in love with him, like I did LOL. He could be a good singer, but he chose to be a normal human being. And he also doesn't even know how good his voice sounds. I think he's down to earth, that's why he doesn't accept my compliments. I could compliment his whole body; I want to appreciate every little thing God made in his body that he doesn't want to acknowledge. I mean, he should see how I stare at his pictures and the way I zoom in on them, my God, I could be his stalker xD. Yes, I'm fully attracted to him; calling it love can be a drag for me because I've never been into these things. Or better, I should say, my situation won't let me.

I could write 4000 words for him, but I can't even say four to him. Also, he's so understanding and good that he made me feel like I am a good person . He doesn't like filters; I live in filters. Sometimes I think... No, not sometimes, every time I talk to him or see him, I feel like he's so out of my league. Actually, it's true; he's out of my league. I feel like I'm at a concert with many girls around, and I'm in the last row; he doesn't even know I'm there. But somehow I end up in the front row, and he notices. I'm his biggest fan. Yes, I am.

If he has 100 fans, I am one of them. If he has 5 fans, I am one of them. If he has 1 fan, that's me, guys. If he has 0 fans, that means I'm dead. This is it.

There are cons, but compared to these, they're so minor I don't even want to write about them.

I wish I could manage to say just one line from here. If he knew these things about himself... If I could say them. That could be the end of this suffering.
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