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A mid-length poem, drawing on the parallels between the pieces of a chess board and life

Beyond the Black and White

By Tori Purchase

Let's play a game.

This is a game of life, whereupon the board, a tapestry of black and white, an array of choices yet unseen.

It's a silent gamble on the paths we find, each step we take, a choice upon the way.

Each choice a move, strategic and precise; the opening leap a cautious, budding dance.

Pawns, like dreams, advance, first by taking a leap.

A humble start, advancing step by step, blind ambition stumbles on the verge.

But bear the weight of our early trials, as we cross through the challenges, mindful of the risks ahead.

On distant lines, the rooks await, a stronghold, firm and secure.

In times of trial, we fortify our ground, but hasty changes meet a crushing hand.

Take ambitious leaps across the void, yet castles will fall when recklessness meets logic, unprepared.

The bishops move diagonally, unseen, weaving as they move.

Navigating paths where shadows reap, misguided truths can build a treacherous mile.

Lead astray, good inventions bind betrayal's sting, a trust too cheaply sold.

A lesson learned, a battle fought and won.

Let's play a game.

In a leap of faith, bold and swift, the knights charge across the field.

Sacrifices are made, for the greater good as they strive.

With noble might, sword in hand, unorthodox a sacrifice they may make, to clear the path for the King and Queen's advance.

A force unmatched commands the game, she seeks to claim her rightful place.

The Queen is a majestic force, a symbol of the power we wield.

She cuts a lethal path, and she embraces the strength, yet vulnerability's sting is exposed when she's alone.

Still, stories can be told of her triumphs.

The King, a solitary figure, is both weak and strong.

Though threats surround him, he cannot flee, his fragile frame within us, burns a flickering hope against the encroaching night.

Each check a fear, each move a desperate sound, a balance of defeat for in his choices we find a way to see another light

It's time to be aggressive, take action, and do not delay.

Standing firm, we fight for what we deem as better for our souls.

Failure is our teacher, she may be harsh but true.

In games of life and chess, we carry on.

As from the depths of our loss, we learn to rise.

So let us play a game.

Life's a game of chess, played on shifting boundless squares.

No checkmate ends this game, and no victor crowned.

Echoes linger of each move we make, the board dissolves, the pieces fade,

Every piece reflects a life we lead, we plan, we wonder, and then we take a leap.

For on this board, life and chess entwine, each move a brushstroke, painting life's grand scheme:

A story written, heard by one and all.

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