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I write much but publish little of that.
Not all or even most of my writings need be read by eyes other than my own. In my notes are several stories and drafts that for a reason the public eye will never know. Writing is a medium of creation and, like all media of creation, has various purposes, the only one universal to all media being to express thought in a tangible, permanent form.

When I write I do it for different, oft-overlapping purposes — to organise my ideas, to record my mundane activities and musings, to please myself, and to practice writing itself. I have it that my writings created for the latter two purposes remain private, but often publish those created for the former two. The reason is simple — my individual writings serve, to me, different purposes.

The thought that unpublished works are wasted works bothers me often; but then I remind myself that I can always write more and publish whatever of that I feel is worthy of publication.
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