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A poem about having a dinner date with someone special.
A ruby (pulang hiyas) glints, a fiery spark,
As twilight paints the evening dark.
Our dinner date (petsa ng hapunan), a long-held dream,
Yet raindrops fall, a silver stream.

Across the table, bathed in gentle light,
Her eyes ignite, a star in darkest night.
Emotions (Damdamin) dance between our words,
Unspoken things like soaring birds.

The rhythmic rain (ulan), a soothing beat,
Enhances moments bittersweet.
Her laughter echoes through the space,
A sweet refrain, a joyful chase.

Though skies may weep, our spirits rise,
A deeper bond beneath those skies.
The ruby's warmth, a guiding flame,
Ignites a love we both could name.

This evening (gabi), etched within our souls,
Where shared dreams and passions take their toll.
For rain might fall, but love remains,
A symphony where the heart sustains.

In response for today's prompt, I chose Filipino language (Tagalog) to translate the given words. You may think that Filipino language (Tagalog) is my native language, but it's actually not. My native language (mother tongue) is Cebuano/Visayan. Tagalog is my second spoken language and English is my third.

LINE COUNT: 20 Lines
WRITTEN FOR: "*Books1*Winner and New Prompt, due Feb 22-2024"  
21 February is the International Mother Language Day. (https://www.un.org/en/observances/mother-language-day for more information).

Use the following five words - translate these words into a language other than your own language, and use these in your poem or story. (Google translate is very helpful)

Bold the English word, and its translation!

dinner date
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