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A love poem for my wife.
As I watch you in the quiet of your room,
Lying there in peaceful slumber's gentle swoon,
The weight of the world has slipped away,
Your cares and worries, if but for today.

You bear the burdens of life every day,
Yet in this moment, you're so far away,
In dreams, you wander, so beautiful and free,
A sight that truly captivates me.

Your form, a canvas of beauty and grace,
In the stillness of night, your radiant face,
I cherish the moments like this, it's true,
Watching over you, my love, so fond and true.

I just hope to one day relieve those for you,
To carry your worries, so your spirit can renew,
But for now, my dear, I'll let you sleep,
In this quiet night, your secrets I'll keep.

I'll stand guard over your peaceful dreams,
While the world outside continues its streams,
Leave the cares to me, in this silent night,
Rest, my love, till the morning's first light.
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