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by IE
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Mystery · #2318081
Where is my heart? Writer's Cramp entry - 40 lines
The darkest sky was last night
when you reached out
and put each star to death

Pinch by pinch

Until there was nothing left
no stars, no sky
not even a breath

From my body
my lungs

My heart
buried in the rubble
beats no more

It’s over there
in case you want to stomp on it

Such cruel intentions
to reach into the sky
and extinguish the light

You’re very good at that
extinguishing any hint
of joy

Where is my heart?
the mystery is not such a
mystery after all

It hangs in the night sky
my heart

Until I fill my lungs with air
once again

And light the stars
with the joy that is not
after all

I need a minute

And when I do the light will be there
and you will be
just another dark sky
in someone else’s life


40 lines

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