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GOT Door #7
1 ~ Invention
My invention would add a permanent mute to all commercials if the user wants it that way. A small little asterisk on the remote control that you press mutes all commercials automatically every time you watch television. If you really want to see the commercial, that’s fine, hit the button again, and enjoy. There is nothing more jarring when the commercials come on, and suddenly the volume has increased to insane proportions, as if you couldn’t hear the show you were just watching. It’s time something be done about this annoyance!

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2 ~ Make Changes
My job or rather, owning a business. In the seven years that we bought that place, it has sucked the life right out of me. Every day is a constant juggling act to pay the bills, buy more items for the store, and not deplete my personal bank account to do so. Everyone thinks that if you own a gas station, you have money. Oh, how I wish that were true. It takes years to build that kind of loyalty, and when times are hard, it’s ten times worse. People will literally drive across the street to save a penny on gas. I get it, times are tough, but seriously people, what have you saved? Five cents? Wow, bravo to you. If I could sell that bloodsucking place, pay it off, and have a little profit, I would in a heartbeat. It’s on a good corner. But the competition is insane. Within two miles we are one of SEVEN gas stations. SEVEN!! Whoever built this area and thought that was smart was a complete moron. If it weren’t for my husband’s mechanic garage, we would’ve had to file for bankruptcy the second Covid hit. It has never been the same. I know people love working remotely, but now that those offices are empty, I’ve lost 75% of my business.
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3~ Time
I would get rid of daylight savings time. There is no need for this outdated practice. We are not at war, the men have not all gone off to fight, leaving us distressing damsels behind. Losing an hour throws off your circadian rhythm, causes more people to have health issues, and let’s face it, makes people cranky. I am all for never having to change the time on my clock. Letting day and night slide effortlessly into one another instead of manipulating it is how it should be. And if I were to garner a guess, I’d say they lied about it being a war-related necessity and did it to suck more out of people.
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