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A young boy learns a valuable lesson
On a small island between Rome and Athens, a young boy had a terrifying dream.

It began with Zeus deciding to pay a visit to his Roman counterpart, Jupiter. He disguised himself as a mortal and armed with his characteristic lightning bolt tucked safely away, he strolled into the crowded grand hall of Jupiter's palace.

At that moment, Jupiter was employing his divine strength attempting to open a door that had magically appeared in the center of the hall atop a winding stair. Despite his godly powers, the lock refused to yield.

Zeus, on seeing this, was unable to contain his amusement and revealed himself with a booming laugh.

"Jupiter, my dear brother! Having trouble with a simple lock, are we?" Zeus chortled.

“Well,” said an embarrassed Jupiter, “let’s see if you fare any better.”

"Better yet, why not settle this like true gods," Zeus declared, gesturing towards the staircase. "The first one to reach the top and unlock the door wins!"

Jupiter, never one to back down from a challenge, accepted with a smirk. With lightning speed, he bounded up the stairs, each step echoing with his thunderous power.

But Zeus was not to be outdone. With a mighty leap, he soared upwards and the two gods reached the door simultaneously.

Immediately, each attacked the lock, Zeus with his lightning bolt and Jupiter with his thunderbolt, but to no avail.

Furious with their failures, both rose to the sky and started hurling thunderbolts and lightening everywhere, killing people and animals and destroying every building from Rome to Athens.

The boy woke up sweaty and shaken, and vowed that in the future he would dream only of Aphrodite and Venus. He laid his head back down and fell asleep smiling.
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