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Thirty days of Ramadan
Hunger deep and vast,
Waiting on sunset
To break my fast

Day one has passed
Appetite dwindles now
As I remain steadfast

Plenty of food in sight
But where do I start
Savoring the very first bite

Week one I did well
How will I do
Only time will tell

Hunger pangs got me now
Days drag on
Gotta get me some chow

It’s chocolate I crave
My second dessert
The Reese’s I save

Soups and salads and dates
Grow so tiring
Overfilling the plates

The first delicious drink
So satisfying
And pretty in pink

I’m seriously done
Can do no more
This isn’t that fun

My body needs food
The scale does not lie
I feel so screwed

I suck it up fast
While watching the news
Starvation amassed

This world is so cruel
Starvation of people
Is very uncool

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