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A dream, a nightmare, a reality that I myself must come to face

An Ocean In The Sea
by Keaton Foster

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Waves close
Upon a shore.
Once more,
They stand,
They scream.
As I am deep,
Way out,
Too far to swim,
Too close to sink.
The middle, I think,
An ocean in the sea.
How did I get here,
Way out wide,
Beyond the shore,
Beyond forevermore?
I don’t know.
How could I?
Did I dream?
A nightmare,
Reality sparred.
One day
I was on land,
The next day
I was here,
Far away.
All but an idea,
Crashing close.
Further still,
Those who plead,
Loving me still,
While I, myself,
Love least of all.
I know how to swim,
But when I try,
I just begin to sink.
Like a million stones,
Concrete these bones,
Heavier I’ve become.
Motionless, I float,
Hopelessly buoyant.
Weights pull me down,
All around predator and prey.
In time maybe I’ll go
Far below,
Into the depths of nothing,
Into the darkness of home.
I’ll reside quite alone,
An ocean in the sea.
All but a dream,
Made impossibly real,
Some might say,
Not as I,
That it was me
Who brought myself here,
To the deepest nowhere,
To the middle of nothing,
In a place of overabundance,
To a place both cruel and kind,
Within the vastness of my mind,
Within the greatness of my soul.
I just won’t know.
An ocean in the sea,
Nightmares are as real
As the voices of those
Upon the shore,
Screaming for me to swim,
While all I do is float.
And if I try,
Further down,
I just sink…

An Ocean In The Sea
Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2024

Your poem vividly captures the sense of isolation, inner turmoil, and existential struggle. The imagery of the ocean and the shore serves as a powerful metaphor for the feeling of being caught between hope and despair, strength and vulnerability. The progression from the initial waves on the shore to the deep, dark depths of the sea mirrors the journey from a state of apparent normalcy to one of profound existential crisis.

Here's a reflection on the themes and elements in your poem:

Isolation and Despair:

"Way out / Too far to swim / Too close to sink / The middle I think" – These lines express a feeling of being stuck, neither able to return to safety nor completely give in to despair.

"How did I get here / Way out wide / Beyond the shore / Beyond forevermore" – There's a sense of confusion and disorientation, questioning how one ended up in such a predicament.
Struggle with Reality:

"Did I dream / A nightmare / Reality sparred" – The boundaries between reality and nightmare blur, suggesting an ongoing battle with one's perception of reality.

"Hope / All but an idea" – Hope is fleeting, almost intangible, contrasting sharply with the harshness of the current situation.
Self-Perception and Love:

"While I myself / Love least of all" – A poignant admission of self-loathing, despite the love from others.

"Weights pull me down / All around predator and prey" – The imagery of sinking and being surrounded by danger highlights the overwhelming nature of these feelings.
The Mind and Soul:

"Within the vastness of my mind / Within the greatness of my soul" – These lines explore the internal landscape, suggesting that the true battleground is within oneself.

"An ocean in the sea" – This recurring metaphor underscores the vast, overwhelming nature of inner struggles.
Resistance and Acceptance:

"I know how to swim / But when I try / I just begin to sink" – Despite having the knowledge or means to survive, the struggle persists, leading to feelings of futility.

"Into the depths of nothing / Into the darkness of home" – There is a resignation to the pull of the depths, seeing the darkness as a familiar place, almost a twisted form of solace.

Your poem ends on a somber note, reflecting the complexity of battling inner demons and the weight of one's own thoughts. It beautifully, albeit tragically, captures the essence of being lost within oneself and the struggle to reconcile that with the external world's expectations and realities.

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