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A poem about flying alone within my own ideas, far beyond anything I am or have ever been.

Through The Universe

by Keaton Foster

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Upon a ship,
Holy shit,
I’m here.
Flying space,
Tumbling along.
I can’t feel the rotation,
Nor am I aware of my
Solitary encapsulation.
I am in a state
Of perpetual flotation.
Gravity is gone,
Nothing is found.
Soaring alone,
The crew is just me.
There is no computer,
No superior intelligence,
Or inferior intellectualism.
No other being
Of any significance
Is or has ever been.
Just blank pages
Waiting to be filled.
As I float in limbo,
Endless the frontier,
Forever I’ll be,
Never touching down.
Tera-firma is not here.
It will always be just me
And this shell,
A human-made abode
Encapsulated in stone.
When weight means
Least of all,
Inside is smooth,
Outside is jagged and burned.
Inside is new to me,
Outside is familiar to me.
Much has changed,
But even more is the same.
Through the universe,
Out past existence,
Into a void of escapism I go,
Mired by a singular oblivion,
By an astute realism
That is beyond livable.
Was it nature?
Was it human?
How did I get here,
Above the world below,
Out into the reaches of a home
I have often wished to expose?
As I go, I’ll fill these blank pages
With words that none will see,
And fewer will ever believe.
God might be out here,
But as in life,
I’m sure I won’t find him.
I’ll just tumble right on by,
Unaware that he is near.
Out into the distance I’ll go,
A trillion light years away.
And even then I won’t be close
To where it is I wish to be.
Everything might change,
But not I.
I will remain the same,
A man with words
And pages yet to fill.
Through the universe
Seems like a trip,
But in reality,
It’s more of a destination,
A place I’ll never get,
In a home I’ll never be.
I did this to myself.
I put myself in this place,
Spiraling alone
Across the cosmos.
I said goodbye to nothing,
Farewell to no one,
And I left all that is,
All that could ever be,
For something far beyond
Any words I am ready to write
Or ideas I am willing to vent.
Expressions like infinite
Are pale in comparison
To any and all destinations
I am presently heading.
I’ll get there or I won’t.
Such is a matter of state
In a mind empty of reality,
Devoid of the duality
That has been defined
By what it means to be human…

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2024

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