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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2318692
Queen Kit shows them all

Lady Theresa stood before the rest of House Florent, taking her place at the head of the long wooden table. She stood before them, preparing to make nice with the other Houses. It was her duty, and she always tried to do so with fun in mind, though the others thought her musings bordered on crude rather than witty fun. Try as she might, her quips sometimes missed their mark. That was the trouble. Everyone expected her to be proper, being that she was a Lady, though she never felt that part.

“Don’t look so glum,” Lyn said.

“Yes, it’s not like you,” Sandra said, moving beside Lyn.

Megan Rose and Angelica quickly joined them. Before the ladies could discuss anything further, the doors opened as their guests arrived one by one.

Theresa breathed deeply, preparing herself for what came next. The jester was late, the only entertainment she could scrounge up at a moment’s notice. She knew she shouldn’t be so trusting with giving important tasks to the others. Sabotage was afoot. She could almost feel it.

Queen Kit of House Lannister arrived with her loyal subjects in tow. She always looked so regal in her red velvet cloak. Lady Theresa wondered if she ever took that thing off.

As greetings went, a nod from the Queen was the best she could expect. Lord Jaeff followed closely behind, searching the faces for someone specific, but Lady Theresa couldn’t figure out who.

“Rumor has it,” Lyn began, “That Lord Jaeff and Lady Kiya have joined forces.”

Theresa turned to her and leaned in to whisper. “Why are they teaming up? They hate one another?”

“Perhaps it’s maybe a rumor and nothing more,” Sandra added.

“Please,” Megan said. “If those two are together in any capacity, nothing good will happen tonight.”

The servers arrived, walked the room, and poured goblets to the top.

More guests filled the room, it seemed the entire House of Targaryen had arrived, including the elusive Jace. He stood off in the corner with a few men from the Nightswatch, and the FreeFolk, as guards took their positions at the doors, ready for anything.

An eerie pall took over the room as chatter became a low rumble. As House Mormont entered the hall, they arrived dragging in musicians who took up the space in front of the window and began to play. Dancers followed behind, moving about the room, scantily clad.

“This was not what I had in mind,” Theresa said.

“Oh yes, you expected a night of drunken dirty jokes and boring tales of war,” Angelica said.

“Oh do hush.”

She shook her and rushed off to join the fun.

Queen Kit looked thoroughly annoyed as she approached over the din of the music and laughter. “Was this your idea?” she asked.

Theresa forced a smile. “It was.”

Lyn laughed, causing Theresa to glare at her.

“I heard you had a quick tongue, but I must admit, I thought I held that title,” Queen Kit said.

Theresa’s eyebrow rose.

“Here we go,” Lyn muttered.

Theresa smiled. “How is it you can never tell a lady’s real hysterics from her sham ones?”

The Queen was silent for a moment. “Because, in either case, it’s feint.”

Both women burst out laughing, catching the attention of the other attendees.

“If a tree were to break a window, what would the window say?” The Queen asked.

Theresa laughed, “Tree-mend-us.”

Lyn and Megan looked on, shaking their heads. Just then, some of the ladies from House Mormont began coughing fits.

Queen Kit, looking on concerned, took her leave. “I do believe that’s my cue to leave.” She swept her velvet cloak around herself and marched out of the room, the rest of House Lannister rushing to catch up.

With guest appearing ill, others took their leave. House Florent remained with Jaeff and Jace, as well as a few members of the Nightswatch.

Beacon joined them. “I thought they would never leave. Let’s dance.”

The long table was dragged off to the side of the room, and the music grew louder as the remaining guests stood in a large circle. Beacon started things off by moving around the circle, then taking Theresa’s hand, who in turn grabbed Jace. Megan, Lyn and Jaeff followed, each behind the other like a chain, moving to the music. Before long, the party was in full swing, as the wine flowed freely.

Outside, Queen Kit watched the spectacle. “They think they’ve won something.”

“My Queen?” Intuey asked.

“You did remember that concoction I told you to bring?” Kit asked.

Intuey nodded. “Yes, I poured it into the wine myself.”

The Queen smiled. “We shall see who has the last laugh come morning.”
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