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I'm a BIG sci-fi fan. A BIG nerd in love...lool
In moonlit whispers, our hearts entwine,
Two souls aflame, a love divine.
Beneath the stars, our dreams take flight,
Guided by passion's tender light.

Your eyes, like galaxies, hold secrets untold,
A universe of longing, a story to unfold.
Your touch, a gentle breeze on my skin,
Igniting flames that burn from within.

We dance through time, a waltz of desire,
Embracing each moment, our souls set on fire.
In whispered promises, our love takes flight,
Day by day, we weave our own starry night.

So let our hearts be constellations above,
Forever entwined in this cosmic love.
For in your arms, I've found my home,
A love that grows stronger, day by day, as we roam.

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