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by ivey
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true pain in love

just laying in my bed
thinking of the things we could have
wishing you could be sad
just like me
I wish I could be happy
thinking we were meant to be
all you do is waste my time
until love dies
still thought we were meant to be
can you just appreciate me
I know that you’ll never love me
until love dies

every night I think and cry
just want you in my life
it’s so hard to let you go
but you will truly never know

i drown in my own thoughts and tears
my head constantly filling up with fears
the pain starts to hurt no more
pain starts from the bottom of my core
i lay in my bed all alone and hopeless
I sit in class not being able to focus
the ringing in my ear
makes it hard for me to near
Slowly slipping away
Struggling to stay
all the good is slowly drying out with out a doubt
the silence is growing louder
my heart melts into powder realizing nothing is left
all it is, is the void thats kept
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