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talk about myself idk if im the only one experience this in life.
I often find myself struggling with interpersonal relationships, experiencing a recurring pattern of boredom and disengagement with people despite initially getting along well with them.
This feeling of disconnect intensifies when I sense insincerity or disinterest from others during conversations, leading me to withdraw and eventually distance myself from them.
This pattern of behavior, coupled with my tendency to disappear from conversations without explanation, has resulted in a cycle of unfulfilled expectations and missed opportunities for forming lasting connections.
Furthermore, I harbor a deep-seated fear of vulnerability, which manifests as a reluctance to share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions with others.
This fear of being fully known and understood by others creates a barrier that prevents me from forming genuine and meaningful connections, leaving me feeling isolated and misunderstood.
Additionally, I struggle with organizing my thoughts and articulating myself coherently during conversations, often feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas vying for expression.
This internal chaos impedes my ability to communicate effectively, leading to frustration and a sense of inadequacy in conveying my thoughts and opinions.
Despite these challenges, I remain committed to self-improvement and am actively seeking guidance on how to navigate these interpersonal hurdles with greater ease and confidence.
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