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Out there wide, far beyond what we know and what we can see

Within The Sky
by Keaton Foster

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There's a thing
Within the sky
Outside my mind
Far away
Beyond scope
Devoid of time
Out there deep
Way past steep
In the blackness
In the emptiness
It has no name
It has no meaning
Only purpose
Only significance
I myself am unable
To wrap my brain around it
Was it created
Or has it always been
Is some unknown thing
In control
Or like me is it spiraling
Toward a deeper stillness
An absolute blackness
An emptiness filled
To the very innermost
Within the sky
At a moment in time
I am able to see it
Between the right light
And the perfect darkness
If only for the briefness
Of a second well spent
It is both beautiful
And abundantly terrifying
But then again so is life
The one I am living
Present occupardo
Further out wide
In the profound stillness
Forever is not even close
It is so far away
That any life itself
Would long be expelled
Just trying to get closer
Then a fraction of an inch
To where it is now
Maybe I’ll go
Probably I won’t
From afar we are meant
Just because I can see it
Makes me nothing more
Then those who have
Closed their eyes
I’m am as blind
As those who see
That which I don’t
If everything is light
Then nothing else
Is mired in absolution
In the sky
What and nothing
Are intertwined
One and the same
Both here and now
And what is
And what is not…

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2024

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