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Rated: E · Short Story · Dark · #2320268
A brief encounter on a remote road leads to a decision.
I Choose

"Alright, slow down and have a nice night."

The crisp breeze had nudged the remaining heat from my vehicle's interior. "I will," I said. "...and thank you, officer." I had to be nice, but was still pissed off I was caught speeding on such a remote road. "Ah, excuse me, officer." He turned back, but his eyes became wary, so I eased my head through the window. "I stopped at that gas station about 10 miles back, and..."

"What is it?" the officer asked.

"I heard a rumor. A rumor about the lake up ahead. I'm curious. Do you know about it?"

He turned in my direction. His slow stride made me uneasy. Did I say something wrong? I eased my head back inside as he moved closer.

We made eye contact. "The rumor about the lake? Yeah, I've heard of it. There's been rumors about that lake for almost 200 years."

"So, is it true?" I asked.

"It depends on who you ask. Some think it's silly...but me?" He gazed down the road toward the lake, then said "I believe it...because I've seen it?"

His acceptance of the rumor so readily shocked me. Then, I wondered if he was joking with me, but one look into his steely eyes that night doused my second thought. "You've seen it?"

"Yes, and I'm telling you don't go over the speed limit. It drops when you get to the bridge over the lake. Whatever is in the lake can feel the bridge's vibrations. People driving too fast have disappeared with their vehicles. So, slow down." He rose and returned to his vehicle.

Now, I had a choice to make - to keep straight or turn back.

I chose to follow the officer's rear taillights back toward town.

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