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A detailed look at how I write foot fetish stories in 2024.
I did a journal about this 16 months ago, but it hasn’t been archived in my cloud storage. Let’s take another crack at this.

Any random person can write a foot fetish story. We’ve had them on the Internet as early as the 2000s. They got popular on forums, then DeviantArt had them big, Writing.com had popular interactives (before there was a price), and nowadays… I think they’re still most common on DeviantArt, but the platform’s “enshittification” in 2020 has done a number on exposure. In addition, the writing techniques have generally worsened, so it’s much less convenient to write on the platform itself.

I would say Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a good platform for posting on, but there’s one caveat. It seems like almost every other form of erotic content can get attention there but foot stuff. Maybe it’s just my personal experience, but in general, I struggle to find foot fetish material on that platform.

And I still love WDC, but the community is smaller. Blessing and a curse, as it means less idiotic policies like DA.

Regardless, this is what we’re stuck with.

For this journal, I’m going to go over the process of how I make a basic story. Either you’re simply curious or you want a guide to write a bit better or change your style.

Well, take notes.

STAGE 1 – The Concept
Before you even write a draft, it’s good to know what the concept of your story is. In many cases, foot fetish stories benefit from being simpler.

The reason simpler or one-off stories are preferred is that the longer you go, the more of an actual plot you’re going to need. After all, even the horniest among us can only read about foot worship scenarios so many times in a row. If you’ve seen Toadette’s Story, you know that there is often space between the foot action where other events occur. If you’re going for a story that will span roughly more than ten chapters, then this is the format I suggest.

Most won’t do that because they treat foot stories as junk food. They come to it, they get their pleasure, and then they want to close the story once the climax hits.

Determining the size of your story is easy enough. But when it comes to the concept, things aren’t so cut and dry. If you’re a jester-minded individual who struggles coming up with ideas, this is where you’ll give the fuck up.

In my case, I suffer from having too many ideas and having to pinpoint one to tackle.

In these scenarios, I’ll open my software and start writing something down the moment I think of it. That way I won’t be stuck in a state of endlessly debating which idea to go with.

For today, we’re going to go with this basic concept:
“Link learns that Princess Zelda isn’t as normal as he expected.”

It sounds basic on paper because it is. But with the context of this being a foot fetish story, it’s easy to connect the dots and know it’ll be naughtier.

Even at this stage, there are still decisions to be made. The Legend of Zelda has so many interpretations of Link and Zelda, so which do I choose? Well, the ones I tend to go for are the SNES ones or N64 ones, so that narrows things down if I want to play it safe. Since I do here, I’m going to settle on one of them, and today, it’s going to be the SNES ones.

And what is the main erotic event going to be? Massaging? Tickling? Foot sniffing? Full-out foot worship? Footjob?

It can be any combination of actions. In this case, I want to go for some footsies with some mild tickling that leads into foot worship. And I already know I want Zelda to be the protagonist and Link the deuteragonist.

Then I have to wonder the condition of the feet. Are they clean, dirty, sweaty, etc.?

In this case, I’m settling on Link having ripe sweaty and stinky feet, with minimal grime. For whatever reason, it seems when male feet are involved, people are more accepting of grime levels than if a female is involved.

Lastly, I need to pick the POV. First person, second person and third person are the options. For this story, second person wouldn’t make any sense, as we know Link is an established character. This leaves me between first person and third person. Either works, but third person allows for more freedom as I’m able to explore both Zelda’s and Link’s inner thoughts.

If you’re interested, I might explore how I handle the different perspectives in a future post.

So here’s what we have:
• The Legend of Zelda
• Zelda, Link
• Footsies, Tickling, Foot Worship
• Sweaty/Stinky Feet with Minimal Grime
• Third-person perspective

I’m set to move onto the next stage now.

BREAK – Popularity and Decision-Making
Unfortunately, we don’t live in a reality where good stories will be loved by many.

When it comes to foot fetish stories, you have to decide what you value more. Being seen by as many people as possible or making what you want. In my case, I tend to go for the latter.

You could compare this to the movie industry. Have you ever heard the term “bankable stars”? It refers to celebrities or actors who will be able to greatly influence a movie’s box office performance just because of their name. Either they have tons of fans who will eat up whatever they’re in, or there are people who will go to those movies just to ogle those actors. Tom Cruise, Chriss Pratt, Zoe Saldaña, names like that.

It's the exact same concept for this type of content. I could make a story with Zelda worshipping Link’s feet, but that has such a limited appeal, and the characters themselves aren’t ideal for most in this specific role. However, if I did a story where Marnie from Pokémon had her feet worshipped by some random person, oh, it’d probably do excellently just because of the character. She’s not even really a character in those games, but it’s just the image that draws people to her.

I say it’s best to focus on what you like, because there’s no fun putting together something you can’t get any entertainment out of. But if you can make stuff you love with franchises guaranteed to be popular, like My Hero Academia, you’ve got an advantage.

From my own observations, I’d give this advice:
Female/male stories are the least popular by far. This refers to females worshipping males in some way. Ignore the poll results, as that’s just my audience who has become used to seeing it in my gallery. It’s not a very popular foot fetish pairing, with male/male stuff having far more content and people loving it. I encourage more to do stuff with this pair, but know you’re fighting a steep uphill battle visibility-wise.

Female/female stories are the most popular by far. This shouldn’t be a secret, but this is just how it is. Lesbian content is often preferred just because people don’t like having the male included. If you’re doing footjob content, I would say you probably should get a male; female footjobs exist, but fuck me are they awkward. Otherwise, if you want easy eyes, this is the pair you want.

Clean, sweaty and/or stinky feet are most popular. These are just the conditions that most people can tolerate on a base level. At most, you’ll have some who don’t like stinky feet, but it’s hard to find someone that hates sweaty feet.

Dirty feet and toe jam will impact views. People just don’t love grimy feet unfortunately. Of course, both these categories have their serious fans, and they will flock to your story. But your story will have reduced mass appeal if you include these disgusting elements.

Second person is the most mixed POV. The second-person perspective is when the subject of the story is “you”. “You go to the store. You see a woman in flip-flops.” A lot of people loathe this perspective, and it is also the hardest to write from. You can make it work, but generally it’s better the shorter the story is.

Length is a trivial quality. I’ve had short stories do great, and I’ve had ridiculously long stories do even better. As long as you write something that hooks others, and it’s not bloated with filler or paper thin with content, the time doesn’t matter.

Naming is important. If you include “feet” or “foot” or “sole” or “toe” or any foot-related term within the title or the first few words of the story, more people are likely to click because of how DeviantArt approaches thumbnails. And even on a platform like AO3, put it in the description.

Don’t direct message people to go see your story. This applies to everything. I made this mistake once when starting out, and thankfully a user told me how annoying it is. And yeah, it really is. I understand wanting to get your name out there, but people just don’t like direct advertising in their face. It reeks of desperation, and it makes you look worse. (This is not the same as asking a friend to beta read/review your story in-development, though).

Overall, I say focus on making yourself happy first and worrying about views later. Unless you make your money with commissions, you shouldn’t be too worried.

STAGE 2 – Writing the First Draft
This is the stage that seems to always throw people for a loop in conversations. And I’m genuinely stunned.

The norm seems to be to write one single draft, edit it for errors, then submit it. This isn’t an incorrect approach to writing, as even I’ve done it on occasion. But I vastly prefer having at a minimum two drafts. This way I’m better able to review and alter the text.

My advice for the first draft: write. It’s that simple. Don’t worry about punctuation errors, spelling errors, bad dialogue, any of that. Just write until you can’t write any more.

Seriously, this is advice for any activity. Getting started is always the hardest part.

Just start typing whatever comes to mind, and as long as you’re willing to do a second draft later, you can turn your garbage into something that doesn’t fill you with embarrassment.

Here is my first draft for the start of this story:
Link and Zelda were sitting in the planes of Hyrule. While Link hungrily bit into the apple Zelda had brought him, the princess had something else in her mind. She kept an eye on his boots, those big brown boots that he always walked around in.

Link eventually noticed Zelda’s staring. “Yoo-hoo!”

“Oh!” Zelda blinked back into reality. “Sorry.”

“You looked like you were completely out of it.”

“I forget just how big your feet are, Link. I mean, I haven’t gotten an up-close look at them or anything, but seeing them in those shoes really scares me a little.”

Since Zelda had taken her heels off, Link was able to see the princess with her dainty feet.

“Yours aren’t exactly tiny either.”

“Why don’t we compare?”

“Eh…” Link gulped. “Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable taking off my shoes around you.”

Zelda’s smile slowly faded.

Link raised a brow. “What?”

“I just wanna compare the sizes, that’s all.”

“I really don’t want to take off my—”

Zelda snatched the apple. “You take them off, or I will.”

In less than ten seconds, Link’s socked feet were exposed to the air. Zelda motioned for him to continue, and blushing, the boy realised he didn’t want to anger the princess any further. And so he slowly peeled off his socks, trying hard not to look at his feet or Zelda’s reaction.

Seeing the bottoms of Link’s feet for the first time made Zelda’s cheeks tingle.

“I don’t know what would make you want to do this,” Link complained, “but here you go.”

Zelda gulped. “Hot.”

“Come again?”

With a smile on her face, Zelda began to scurry across from Link. “Your feet. They’re so… They’re so handsome.”

At a glance, nothing looks wrong with this. And sure enough, the average person’s standards are low enough that they could get off to just about anything. You truly don’t have to aim higher if you don’t want to, hence how so many are able to just write with one draft.

But I notice a lot that can be improved here. The dialogue is very stilted in parts and too expository, where actions can speak louder than words. Additionally, if I want Link’s feet to be very sweaty, then it would help if we saw or heard him doing something that would warrant the sweat. A non-intense walk with boots doesn’t automatically cause feet to smell like that ripe stink I’m enamoured with.

Let’s continue:
Zelda stuck out her legs and put her soles against Link’s. As soon as she felt the heat from his feet, she bit her lip. Fortunately the breeze scooped up her fluttery moan. She felt amazing rubbing her feet against the boy’s, seeing the tops of her slim toes against his meatier, bigger ones.

“Are we done yet?” Link asked.

“No, I gotta keep looking,” Zelda giggled, pushing her feet harder. “Your feet are so sweaty…”

“Happens when they’re in boots.”

“Oh, but it’s a nice kind of sweat…”

“Yep, you’re weird.”

Zelda smirked. “You’ve no idea.”

With Link off-guard, Zelda leapt onto him. She forced herself onto his body and began running her hands up and down his feet, all the while laughing herself. Link was too shocked to even yell her name, just stuck in a torment of laughter.

“Ooh! You’re ticklish, too, yes you are!” Zelda let out a sigh as her breasts pushed against the tops of the boy’s feet. “Ooh… All that muscle…”

As she tickled him, she began to lightly sniff his feet. And from there, there was no going back. Still tickling his left foot, Zelda slowly sucked on Link’s right big toe. All the while, she had her eyes alert to anybody who could be spying on the two.

“What is wrong with you!?” Link yelled between laughter. “Zelda!”

“Can’t resist ‘em…” Zelda moaned, forcing her tongue between his toes.

Now, I kept this simple on purpose. The reason is that it’d be too easy to get lost in all the vivid details of the foot worship sensation, and what’s the point in a first draft if much of them may go unused? Just describing the actions is good enough for me, and a later draft will fill the rest in.

You’re still noticing how the dialogue is too direct. For example, there could be a hotter way for Zelda to display that she’s got one hell of an addiction to feet.

We’ll end this:
Zelda began to lap the tops of Link’s feet like a puppy. Now she’d quit tickling him and only focused on filling her taste buds with that boyish foot juice. As she slid her tongue onto his soles, she got an even more intense smell to fill her knows.

“Stinky…” she moaned, beginning to stuff all the sweaty toes in her mouth like they were marshmallows.

Link squirmed, trying to release himself from Zelda’s grasp. But not only did he not want to hurt her, but he couldn’t move her if she tried. She applied all her weight on him.

Once Link’s feet were totally drenched, Zelda rolled onto her back, drooling.

Link didn’t make one movement.

“This stays between us,” Zelda panted, curling her toes.


“It stays between us!”

“Yes, it stays between us!”

“Perfect.” She licked her lips.

There’s even a text error this time around. That happens a lot more than you think it would. I think that’s a native language thing, where we’re so used to the sounds that we spell things incorrectly. I notice it a lot in Spanish too, where native speakers misspell “hacer” as “aser”.

Well, janky as it is, we’ve got a story. If I didn’t have this username, I could upload it on this platform, and there would be people enjoying it a ton.

Unfortunately for myself, and fortunately for you guys, I hold myself to a higher standard. Let’s clean this nonsense up.

BREAK – Prepping the Second Draft & Software I Use
Generally it’s best to write the following draft a day after completing the first one, but nothing’s stopping you from doing it immediately afterwards. That’s what I’m doing here.

What I like to do is create a new document so that I have the old one and can view them both side by side. As long as you don’t have one of those frustrating laptops with 768-900p resolution, you should have enough comfortable space.

Oh yeah, worth mentioning here that I do all my writing on my desktop. It is the most comfortable setup for me, especially as I can choose which full-sized keyboard I want to use. Sometimes I’ll continue it on my laptop—albeit less comfortable—but I refuse to write a whole story via my phone. Even with an external keyboard, at most, I can write a sloppy first draft. There’s not enough screen real estate to compare documents side by side on a mobile platform. Anyone who writes their stories on a phone deserves credit just for being that stubborn, because I’ll be goddamned if I’m typing 2,000 words on that inaccurate Android keyboard.

I also write all final drafts in Microsoft Word. I need Office for general purposes, so payment doesn’t affect me. If you don’t want to spend anything, write in whatever software you want: WordPad on Windows, Pages on MacOS, LibreOffice on Linux, or hell, you can write directly on the platform you’re uploading to.

However, I generally don’t suggest doing the last option unless you’re someone who saves often. Because if that page gets disconnected for whatever reason, you’ve lost all your text. This is also why I’m a proponent of cloud storage for documents (you can edit from anywhere), and especially auto-save functionality, as it makes things so much easier.

I’ve lost tons of progress with documents not saving, and it is not fun. And of the three sites I use, only Writing.com might get lucky and remember your text. DeviantArt used to do this with StashWriter, but per usual, that was too smart a feature to keep on this site.

STAGE 3 – Writing the Second Draft
Now that I’ve already written the story, I’m much more able to go in and tweak it. I know how it begins, how the main event plays out and how it ends. At this stage, my job is to make it something that more people would want to read.

There shouldn’t be any major spelling or grammar issues this time around, and I’ll either add more or remove unnecessary content from the story.

This is the revised introduction:
Hyrule’s summers were known for being particularly brutal. Even the plants, who adored the sunlight, would tire of the excessive heat. Fortunately, on this day, it was cool enough for people to happily run about outside. Although one still had to be wary of getting too hot, as the Sun’s only mercy came in the form of the clouds that would sometimes block it.

Princess Zelda took note of this, and as she ran through the vast open plains with her heels in hands, she giggled the whole way.

“Step it up, Link! You telling me you can’t keep up?”

“It’s so hot!”

“Look, the clouds are gonna cover the Sun in… It’s gone.” She laid a red blanket onto the grass. “If you’re so hot, you should’ve worn some shorter sleeves.”

Zelda patiently waited for Link to reach her. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at how he was struggling to make it, meanwhile she was wearing clothing much more complicated than his. All that jewellery and gold on her gave her weight that was far heavier than those arrows Link had.

As Link got closer, Zelda fought to contain her snickering. Obviously somewhere along the run, Link took a swim in the sea, then continued following her.

“I bet that soap’s gonna disintegrate when it touches you.”

He sat, rummaging through the basket Zelda brought.

The girl had Link entirely in mind with the food she chose. Beans, eggs, cheese, meat, chocolate candies, apples, whatever could fill Link up. Whereas Zelda ate slowly and minimally, Link devoured much of the food in her basket. 30 minutes later, he was lying on his back, his plate still with food.

“Heartburn,” Zelda reminded him, slapping his cheek. “Sit up.”

“Right.” As he got up, he let out a slight groan, putting a hand on his stomach. Zelda’s blue eyes fixated on how her friend was beginning to look like he was in his first trimester.

Instead of commenting, she let something else draw her attention.

“You know, I forgot how big your feet are, Link.” She ran a finger along his leather boot. “I mean, I haven’t seen them up close or anything, but seeing them in these shoes is intimidating.”

He took another bite of his apple. “Yours aren’t exactly tiny either.”

“Shall we compare?”

“Uh…” Link swallowed. “Yeah, no. I’d rather not take my shoes off.”

Zelda’s smile widened. It widened to the point where her eyes were barely open, locked in a heavy scrunch.

“What?” Link raised a brow. When Zelda didn’t respond, he looked at his boots and back to her. “What!?”

“I wanna see ‘em, don’t be a meanie.”

“I really don’t wanna take off my—”

Zelda snatched the apple. She took a huge bite out of it before Link could stop her. With her smile slowly fading, the princess began to take aim at Link’s face.

“Take off your boots right now.”

In under ten seconds, Link’s feet were exposed to the air. Seeing the bottoms of his feet for the first time made Zelda’s cheeks tingle. There wasn’t even a barrier between his shoes and the feet, no socks, no nothing. And as that knowledge registered in her brain, her face slowly went from peach to red.

“Okay, you’re looking at them. Are we done?”



Zelda snapped back to reality. “Let’s… Let’s put them together, okay? Sole to sole.”

How’s that for an improvement? This draft is noticeably longer than the first draft, but I think you’ll find it hard to consider that a bad thing.

The beginning better justifies the story taking place. It’s easier to just drop characters into a scenario and have them doing foot stuff. It’s passable for most people, but it’s so much better to have justification and greater reasons for things happening.

Why is Link so sweaty? Because it’s established that Zelda had him running far through these fields.

Why is Zelda making Link run so far? Her plan is to make Link sweaty and tired. And even if her plan wasn’t to make Link sweaty, she’d do it so that they were miles away from the towns.

There’s also foreshadowing here for the next part, as there’s emphasis placed on Zelda’s comparable weight and how Link’s movement is slower due to eating so much so quickly. In fact, Zelda warning Link about heartburn can be said to be her testing if he’s truly slower.

In addition to all of this, the characters bounce off each other better. Their dialogue isn’t drastically changed, but you get more personality out of them by virtue of their actions. Zelda previously took Link’s apple for no real reason; you could say she was threatening to eat it, but that threat makes no sense when there would be other apples. Here, she’s clearly telling him that she will hit him if he doesn’t show her his feet.

And Zelda could look super creepy—which she often is in my works—but her attitude isn’t unreasonable or unlikeable. Given all the context, you can assume she has a crush on him, probably bigger than any love he has for her. Obviously she’d want to bond better, and a partner should be comfortable enough around their spouse to show something as basic as their feet.

Now onto the second part:
Link sighed. But to avoid any greater frustration from Zelda, he’d try forcing a smile.

Zelda stretched out her legs and slowly placed the soles of her feet against Link’s. As soon as she felt the heat emanating from his feet, she bit her lip. The breeze fortunately scooped up her fluttery moan.

Her heart beat faster. Seeing the tops of her own toes didn’t impress or affect her. But seeing them up against Link’s toes, noting that his were half a size larger than hers gave her face a stronger blush. And his toes weren’t only bigger, but they were meatier. Plumpier. They were thicker and slightly shorter than Zelda’s, all while the rest of his foot was overall larger. For the longest, Zelda had believed herself to have a beautiful heel. But she was humbled when she felt the tenderness and meatiness that Link’s heels offered.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Link asked.

Zelda’s unstable eyes and quivering lip struggled to focus on the boy’s expression or form sentences without breaking up.

“Your feet are so sweaty…”

“I know, they’re gross.”

“No, Link, I like…” Zelda played with her hair, even biting it. “Just like one more minute?”

“Princesses are supposed to be clean, you know.” He shrugged. “Okay, if you want.”

Zelda crossed her legs, pushing her left foot against Link’s right and vice versa. His toes felt heavenly enough, but as she pressed her toes into his soles, the girl let out another moan.

They were soft like clouds. And the sweat made it feel magical to glide her digits along his lengthy feet. As if Zelda’s outer composure wasn’t fracturing already, her inner composure cracked further every second that passed. As soon as the minute was up, Link was going to put his shoes on and probably keep them on for a long time. After two months of knowing him, the princess couldn’t wait another day. Her mind was breaking, and she knew it. She had to act now.

“Oh, Father, what are you doing here!?”

Link looked back. “What?”

“Hah!” Zelda threw herself into Link, grunting. Her breathing had never been so heavy as she pinned him down and stared into his eyes.

She flipped him onto his back in one move, then locked his legs in a tight embrace.

“What are you doing, Zelda!?” Link tried to lift himself. Just when he thought he was up, two cheeks kissed his and pushed him deeper into the ground. “What did I do?”

“Link!” Zelda rubbed the boy’s leg, trapped in her state of euphoria. “I just…”

Without warning, she wiggled her fingers up and own his soles. She let out a giggle as she took a sniff of her right hand. And below her, Link was too stimulated to even scream her name, just stuck in an endless torment of laughter. Zelda’s fingers showed him no mercy, as with her longer nails, she hit every sensitive point on his feet.

“Ooh! You’re ticklish too!?” she squealed, scratching both feet in unison. Her eyes widened when she finally squeezed the tops of his feet. “Ooh… All that muscle…”

“Please stop!” Link yelled between laughs. “Please!”

“No!” Zelda took her pinkie finger and lightly pushed it into the middle of Link’s sole. She screamed as his foot kicked her square in the face. Yet her frown and groan of pain slowly morphed into a smirk and moan of delight.

Link banged the ground repeatedly, doing anything to get Zelda off of him. But no matter how much he squirmed and wriggled, Zelda’s rear had him pinned to the earth. And he couldn’t even get a glimpse of her face or see her attacking his feet. All he could look at was her dirtied soles, which were a short distance from his head.

“Don’t worry,” Zelda whispered, rubbing her breast as she looked around. “You don’t have to kiss them or anything, Link, not today.”

The princess kept her eyes peeled for anyone who could be spying on them.

With the coast clear, she tightened her grip on Link’s feet and brought the right one up to her nose. It took one sniff for Zelda to be locked into a trance.

“Stinky…” That was all she could say as she buried her nose in Link’s chunky toes. She then brought the left foot up and took a big whiff of the sole. Fanning herself and chuckling, the princess rubbed her entire face all over Link’s pungent feet.

And because her feet were already bigger than her own face, Link’s feet might as well have been pillows for Zelda to sleep on. As far as she was concerned, she was giving Link a nice foot massage with her nose and lips, while the boy gave her a wet facial massage with his heels and arches.

Slowly but surely, Link’s laughter subsided. But it’d been replaced with sounds of discomfort.

“Zelda, what are you even doing right now?” He tried to kick her, but to no avail. “My feet stink, Zelda, please stop.”

“Oh yeah, keep saying that…” Zelda forced her nose between his toes, snorting like a hog.

Before he could react, she lapped at his feet like a puppy licking its owner. Those first few licks were weak, but the more flavour that went on her tongue, the hungrier Zelda got.

Link’s eyes widened in horror. He let out a squeak of disgust as Zelda sucked on his toes. Having her tongue swirl around his toes was uncomfortable enough, but when Zelda decided she’d go for the salt mines that resided between his toes, Link was caught between screaming and laughing. It was like a hot snail slowly spreading its slime all over his foot.

The sensation on his feet left the boy paralysed, especially with Zelda now using her entire tongue to lick up and down his soles.

Remember when I said simple sentences can become a lot bigger in the second draft? Here is what I mean.

The first draft really didn’t have any impact when Zelda attacked Link. It’s like a random jumpscare in a horror feature; it’ll shock you, but then when you think about it, you get angrier because of how cheap it was. In contrast, Zelda’s horniness is building up so long that you know something major has to happen. And at first, you might believe Zelda when she says her father caught them playing footsies. It’s immediately shown not to be the case, but it leaves you about as surprised as Link.

It goes without saying that the worship this time around is so much richer. I use the word “essence” a lot, but you can really feel the essence of Link’s feet with how Zelda plays with them.

Hell, if you notice, I barely use the words “stinky” or “smelly” here, and I bet your interpretation of Link’s feet are the foulest they can smell.

Now let’s end this:
With both of Link’s big toes in her mouth, Zelda sucked with a satisfied smile.

“Mmm… This boot dirt makes this so much better…”

“Ew! What are you talking about!?”

Zelda kissed his toes. “Sit still and I’ll explain when I’m done. If I’m ever done.” She moaned as she sucked on his tender heel. Link continued to writhe as the girl alternated between licking and sniffing and kissing his feet.

How much time passed was difficult to tell, but the sky’s orange tint told Zelda it was time to let Link go. That, and the fact that she’d sucked all the tangy sweat out his feet. The boy’s feet were wrinklier than if he’d gone for a swim. As Zelda sighed with pleasure, she planted a long kiss on each of his big toes.

Link hadn’t budged for so long. Zelda had to shake him to get him to react. Promptly, he crawled away from her, horrified.

With spit and sweat all over her face, Zelda’s soft smile disappeared.

“Did I go too far?”

“I don’t even know what just happened!”

She put her head down. “You’re not stupid.”

Link kept his distance. But for as uncomfortable as Zelda had made him, seeing her tremble made him feel even worse. He looked at his feet, soaked from heel to toe in her spit. Then he saw the princess barely able to make any eye contact with him.

“I’m sorry!” She rushed to put her shoes on, tripping over the basket. “I won’t do that ever again! Just please don’t tell anyone, especially not…” She gasped for air, struggling to swallow. “I can’t have people knowing about this, Link, please.”

As she gathered her stuff, she anxiously waited for a response from the boy. Her cheeks were now red with embarrassment rather than excitement. Her body shook from fear instead of playfulness.

Meanwhile, the boy meant to give her a response that could make or break her world shared all those conditions with her.

“To make sure we’re clear, you love my feet?”

Zelda nodded, slumping as she looked into the sunset.

“Well…” Link took a deep breath. “I mean, you creeped me out, but it didn’t hurt or anything. So…” He gritted his teeth, wondering if he could even say what was on his mind. “I’ll let you do it again.”

Everything hit the floor, including Link himself. As Zelda tumbled onto him, she pushed her face into his. A long trail of saliva stood between his lips and hers.

“Seriously? And no one finds out, right?”

“If you want. I mean—”

Link whimpered as Zelda kissed him all over his face. When she gasped for air again, she smiled like this was the best day of her life.

“Link! I’m gonna… You have no idea what I wanna do. Oh my gosh, I could rub your feet, and you’ll— Oh, wait! I’d clean your… Or maybe I could…”

“Get off me so we could talk?”

Zelda winked. “Absolutely.”

As the two walked back towards the castle, Zelda continued ogling Link’s feet. Best of all, she was able to carry his boots and sniff them all the way home.

“Mmm… You stink so good…”

He giggled. “I won’t lie. I’m kind of terrified what you have in store for me, but what you just did was interesting if nothing else.”

“It’s gonna be a rough transition, but one day, I promise you’re gonna be begging me to suck your toes.” She licked her lips. “I’d suck those hot things any day.”

“They’re gonna get pretty dirty, so you wanna try it when we get back?”

Dancing in excitement, Zelda smacked the boy with her basket. “Yes, yes, yes, and yes!”

“Okay, Zelda.”

“Can you be more direct?” she pleaded. “Like, tell me what you’re gonna do with details?”

“I’ll…” Link smiled. He gave Zelda a shudder as he put her foot under her dress. The boy slowly rubbed the tops of her skinny feet. And with his hand, he stroked her face. “I’m gonna allow you to suck on my dirty, stinky boy toes, Zelda.”

Zelda might’ve been the only princess to grin at such an ‘honour’, but she was proud of it.

This ending is so much more satisfying ♥. The first draft would work if Zelda were constantly angry or aggressive through the whole thing. Here, she’s aggressive, but it’s more of a playful aggression, so it wouldn’t fit.

I’m a fan of having things a bit more realistic. It’s not needed in every story, as some have simple endings. But sometimes it’s nice to have characters actually discuss their sexual preferences and how they want things to be going forward. I feel it makes them a bit more than objects just to cum to. Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes sad, but interesting in my opinion.

In this case, I went for a much happier ending. I thought of it in connection with how I usually have Zelda at Link’s feet—no, I have no reason why nearly every Zelda in my mind is a foot fiend, but I love it—so you can think of this as an origin story for this variant of the character.

At this stage, I’m happy with the story. If there are any text errors, I’ll go and look for them now. No software can get them all, especially if it’s a real word. But one or two errors won’t ruin the story.

Currently I still use a mix of Word and Grammarly (now free version). I don’t accept every suggestion from them, so that’s why I say you have to know your rules before you rely on them to clean everything. They should assist editing, not be the replacement.

Sometimes I’ll do a third draft, but that has become less common as I’ve gained experience. The highest number I’ve gone up to is four. Eventually, you need to just get your stuff out there. Why spend all the time in the world tinkering with it when your audience will appreciate it on its second or third draft?

BREAK – Setting the Mood
Some people swear by listening to music when writing, whereas others can’t write with music. For me, it depends. I usually prefer to turn music off, as I’m better able to focus on actual writing. It doesn’t matter if lyrics are included or not. But usually if it’s the second draft or third draft, I can have something quieter in the background.

My system for writing comfortably works like this: I write for 20 minutes, I take a tiny break, I resume for another 30-50 minutes, and I take another break. This not only gives my hands a rest, but it also ensures that I’m not overworking.

Now, one thing I can’t help you with is this: is it better to masturbate while writing or get it out the way early?

That all depends on you. From my experience—and I’m not ashamed to admit I do this, it’s totally natural—either can work. The former can make the experience feel far more sensual to write in the moment, while the latter can make things more stable overall. Just try not to get constantly distracted by, let’s say, having porn playing while you write.

That said, sometimes if I want to describe a certain foot worship scene, I will look at a foot worship and slow it down. I don’t just copy the dialogue and actions verbatim, but I use them as a basis.

STAGE 4 – Clean and Upload
Now I have to upload my story for all to see. Normally I like to draw cover art for my works, but I don’t always do that. And I don’t suggest you doing it unless you are an artist; I’m rare in having both abilities, as most write because it is easier than drawing.

Sometimes I feel like the images are the only reason people even look at the stories—kind of a similar thing with journals—but I usually make them because I want to.

Nowadays, I also try to translate all my stories into Spanish. Spanish isn’t even my second language, so it’s not perfect by any stretch. But based on feedback, it seems it’s good enough for those who would rather read in that language versus English, so I’m gonna keep it up. Hell, I love how flexible Spanish is. English often has two ways to form a sentence, whereas Spanish just lets you butcher the word order and still make perfect sense. Translating does add time, but it can often be done in a day if not two.

(Link golpeó el suelo repetidamente, haciendo todo para quitarse a Zelda de encima. Pero por mucho que se retorcía, el culo de Zelda lo tenía inmovilizado. Y ni siquiera podía ver su cara ni verla atacar sus pies. Lo único que podía mirar eran sus pies sucias, que estaban a poca distancia de su cabeza.

—No te preocupes —susurró Zelda, frotándose el pecho mientras miraba a su alrededor—. No tienes que besarlos, Link. Hoy no.)

I’ll first make sure to have back-ups in my cloud storage. The file types I usually leave are .docx and .pdf files; I tried .rtf, but it gives me compatibility issues with non-English characters. You can scrub personal info out of Word documents by going to the Inspect Document area if you’re concerned about that. Kind of stupid that it doesn’t exist by default, but that’s Microsoft for you.

I upload to DeviantArt, Archive of Our Own and Writing.com. The issue is that all three have different formatting systems, so I do have to often manually go in and put italics and bolds and whatnot.

Honestly, DeviantArt is the best of these, as it handles Word documents as I expect them. Writing.com doesn’t carry the formatting, but at least it preserves the space. For whatever unholy reason, Archive of Our Own is always in some weird double space mode which means I can’t transfer immediately. I hit Shift+Ctrl+V to remove all formatting.

It only ever takes me like three minutes to make corrections, so it’s not painful. And I will give AO3 credit with how it formats things for the .epub format. Honestly, I love just downloading stories and reading them on my phone like a perfect book; and they have the links included so you can give kudos to the author.

And once everything is posted, I make a link in my Discord server, then I sit back.

I try not to pay attention to the immediate numbers, as it’s telling if somebody favourites a story without it being up for more than three minutes. If it grows high, it grows high. If not, well, someone out there is going to enjoy the story.

If you have any additional questions for me, I’ll try to answer them. If I feel something can be its own future journal, then I’ll also consider that.

I much prefer actual drawing to writing, but both mediums are excellent for expressing erotic stuff. Shit, you could argue I was raised on foot fetish stories, with them often being my introduction to the extreme concepts like footjobs and that weird male white stuff. Ah, memories… Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish memories...

And yes, this story will be uploaded on its own later on this month. If there are any differences, note them.
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