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All things are not equal in a world of predators and prey.

The Shadows Deep
by Keaton Foster

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The shadows deep,
Where moonlight fades,
Blackened, a leopard lays,
Its green eyes ablaze.

In a wilderness of ways,
Silent the stride,
It’s seeking to kill,
That which is alive.

Its tail sweeps the ground,
A glint of claw, a shine of fang,
Velvet the darkness, silence in awe.
Each step deliberate, every move precise,
A ghost hiding in plain sight.

Empty its coat, cascades in black,
Pools of spiraling nothingness,
Crouched down, waiting cold.
Death in its purest form.

Muscles coiled, tension held tight,
In the stillness of the jungle night,
Foolish any prey, coming its way.
Swift it will be, cruel it may seem.

A rustle in the undergrowth near,
Ears twitch, eyes peer, senses clear.
With lightning speed, it strikes,
A deserving death, in the moon's soft ray.

Fleeting the moment, silent the end,
Predators will do what they must,
Survival will always be king.
The shadows deep, moonlight fades.

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2024

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