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Chapter 12: Award Ceremony

As the early morning sun began to cast a warm glow over the gathering of eager students, a sense of anticipation hung in the air, palpable as the gentle breeze that rustled through the assembly. The aura of the promotion ceremony crackled with an electric energy, each participant's heart pounding with hope and nervous excitement.

The announcer's voice, resonating with authority and pride, reverberated across the venue as the crowd stood in rapt attention, their eyes trained on the six esteemed young leaders awaiting their fates.

"The moment of reckoning has arrived, dear students," the announcer intoned, his words carrying the weight of destiny. "It is with great honor that we announce the leaders who shall spearhead their respective divisions within the esteemed Dragon Knight squad."

A hushed silence fell over the assembly as the announcer proceeded to declare the chosen leaders, each announcement met with fervent applause and jubilation.

"The Sergeant of the Scouting Division—none other than the sharp-witted and strategic Lucy!" the announcer proclaimed, his voice swelling with pride and admiration. A wave of applause and cheers erupted as Lucy stood tall, a beacon of determination and prowess.

Following suit, the title of Commanding Officer of the Scouting Division was bestowed upon Sarah, recognized for her formidable aptitude as a hunter and her unwavering courage.

Amidst the resounding applause, the announcer continued, "The valiant Ken shall take the mantle of Sergeant of the Frontline Division, his steadfast resolve and unyielding bravery marking him as a shining paragon of strength."

Next in line, with a resolute countenance and a steady gaze, stood Luke, who was hailed as the Commanding Officer of the Frontline Division, his expertise as a skilled swordsman earning him the esteemed position.

The crowd's fervor continued to crescendo with each announcement, echoing through the venue in an exultant symphony of pride and unity.

"And now, the role of Sergeant of the Support Division is bequeathed to the compassionate and skilled healer, Luna," the announcer declared, his words carrying a reverent tone laced with admiration for the petite yet courageous young medic.

Last but certainly not least, the esteemed title of Commanding Officer of the Support Division was conferred upon Ace, his keen survivalist instincts and unwavering support marking him as a formidable leader.

As the six leaders stood side by side, their badges gleaming in the morning light, a surge of palpable pride and camaraderie washed over the gathering, engulfing them in a shimmering atmosphere of achievement and unity.

The remaining students, inspired and encouraged by the exemplary display of leadership before them, were then presented with the opportunity to choose their divisions, their hearts pulsing with the promise of adventure and growth alongside their esteemed comrades.

The air crackled with an undeniable sense of potential, an undercurrent of boundless opportunity and camaraderie that hinted at the wondrous tapestry of life yet to unfold for the characters, a triumphant finale to an unforgettable journey.

The end of the ceremony marked the beginning of a vibrant new chapter for the Dragon Knight squad, as the six leaders etched themselves onto the canvas of destiny, ready to guide their divisions toward a bright and promising future.
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